The Wellspring

I wonder if over the course of days, of these years that seem lost, if we haven’t all allowed ourselves to be distracted. Not in the small sense, but in the way that is akin to sleeping at the wheel and veering completely off the road. Somewhere between the kingdoms of seen and unseen realmsContinue reading “The Wellspring”

Lessons From The Land of Limbo (5MFF)

Credit Have you ever felt like God has forgotten you? Have you been in a season of life that seemed to crawl slowly and painfully, if ever, forward. Have you ever begged God for mercy during a a period of waiting, only to have the waiting continue, and His mercy seem distant?  Have you everContinue reading “Lessons From The Land of Limbo (5MFF)”

Love Versus Tolerance

Credit Love is a safe place. It is the place  where all of your puzzle pieces  spill out- are not scrutinized  as they lay vulnerable on the table, but instead gently explored, held up to light, put together again with grace and dignity intact… Tolerance believes you need fixing. Love says, “Beautiful!” Tolerance says, “Acceptable.”Continue reading “Love Versus Tolerance”

When Your Heart (and Desk) Is Overwhelmed

Notice the upside down calendar-There’s your sign! Hear my cry, O God,     listen to my prayer;  from the end of the earth I call to you     when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock     that is higher than I Psalm 62 1-2 I want it to beContinue reading “When Your Heart (and Desk) Is Overwhelmed”