Moving Day!

I am packed and ready to go…kinda! The new home address for  Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith: I’ll be there, doing what I did here…but just in a new .com!  I have restored the Tabs (feel free to check out the changes) here so that the content is still accessible. This place hereContinue reading “Moving Day!”

Your Social Media Diet (How’s That Working For You?)

Credit If you’re like me (if you’re here- you are), you like your share of social media. However, if you really are like me (stop resisiting the admission), you will admit, that sometimes you overindulge. The question is: how can we have our Social Media cake and eat it too? Well, I have been contemplatingContinue reading “Your Social Media Diet (How’s That Working For You?)”

Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore: An Online Prayer Journey

I invite you to join me starting February 1, 2014 in working out with this wonderful prayer devotional tool: Whispers of Hope- 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer by Beth Moore How would you like to go deeper in your prayer life? Could you benefit from a weekly check in as you attempt to grow in yourContinue reading “Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore: An Online Prayer Journey”