Reason or Denial

I haven’t shared a poem on the blog for a while…but since this is National Poetry Month and I did write a bit this morning, I’ll share one of the three poems I wrote. I have been pulling lines from various places as poetry seeds lately. This morning I pulled the first line from aContinue reading “Reason or Denial”

Pssst {My Really Big News Post}

Credit Shhh…lean in here, close with me friends.I have some news to share with you.I hope you will be excited with me. Ready for the news? I will be a Regular Contributor at 5 Minutes for Faith!This means that I will be on a scheduled writing calendar 1-2 times per month. I am a weeContinue reading “Pssst {My Really Big News Post}”

Defining World News

Click here to getImages & Charlie Brown Cartoon Pictures – Pictures On one of the rare nights I join my family for the Charlie Brown Valentine Special in front of the Telly, I am treated to the following announcement which went something like this: We interrupt this program for the following “world news” report; ten second countContinue reading “Defining World News”