Unhindered 2021 -A Few Words on Picking One Word for Your Year

It’s that time of year again. Pandemic or not, many have set their sights on a new year, and 2021, whatever else it is to be remains a distant unseen dream. Meanwhile if you have set your own sights on all the new year might be, perhaps you are wondering how to approach this unknownContinue reading “Unhindered 2021 -A Few Words on Picking One Word for Your Year”

Into the Unknown {5 Minute Friday-Jump}

The word jump has me pondering this new year’s expectant start. For the past two years on January first, I have jumped right into the Atlantic Ocean. Baptism by full immersion. Trust me, my dear friend Jen, will not let me out of that water until I have gone in all the way. Which toContinue reading “Into the Unknown {5 Minute Friday-Jump}”

Plunging Into The New Year {A flea-filled, flu ridden, fabulous start!}

Welcome to the first official, miscellaneous Monday/ coffee time with me post of 2013. Grab your coffee and let me tell you all about the hi-lights (edited) of my life since the start of the new year! This is the second year in a row that I brought in the new year with an invigorating plunge into the ice cold watersContinue reading “Plunging Into The New Year {A flea-filled, flu ridden, fabulous start!}”

When Your New Year Slaps You Upside Your Head

Credit Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. Philippians 1:20  Not what I expected… What I didn’t expect or see coming was that slap in the face 2013 hit me with, and I am still reeling from the sting of it. What I didn’t expectContinue reading “When Your New Year Slaps You Upside Your Head”