Up Close and Personal on Monday (The Multitudes)

It is Monday, in which I continue to count my multitudes of blessings, with Ann and the multitudes of bloggers who join in this glorious adventure. I keep one here in the bloggy world and a paper versionin the real world. I am on #1069 in my paper journal and continue from #482 here, today,Continue reading “Up Close and Personal on Monday (The Multitudes)”

Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)

In June we visited the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, with fellow Homeschoolers for our end of school field trip. Pictured above My Girl with one of the Beluga Whales that resides at this beautiful aquarium. So, this Monday is the Monday that officially ends Summer. Unless you live in Narragansett, Rhode Island, in which case, theContinue reading “Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)”

When Your Real Life Bestie Writes Her First Blog Post (Birthday Blessings)

It was ONE year ago that I sat with my dear friend on her Living Room couch, sharing a cup of tea while she explored creating her own blog.You know I shared that in one of my Miscellany Monday posts. Today I have the honor of sharing her first blog post, right here and amContinue reading “When Your Real Life Bestie Writes Her First Blog Post (Birthday Blessings)”

Savoring the Good Things He Gives (RI Pictures)

Hi friends! I have not done a Miscellany Monday in a while but today I thought I would say hello and share a few pics, and check in with you all. Here are my randoms and multitudes. From our garden…YUM!  A peek into my current Journal- random scribbles-and if you missed this Random Journal DayContinue reading “Savoring the Good Things He Gives (RI Pictures)”