Up Close and Personal on Monday (The Multitudes)

It is Monday, in which I continue to count my multitudes of blessings, with Ann and the multitudes of bloggers who join in this glorious adventure. I keep one here in the bloggy world and a paper version
in the real world. I am on #1069 in my paper journal and continue from #482 here, today, in the Blogosphere.

483. Walking into my Sunday School Room and finding the that some “Church Elves” had stocked and organized my draws, and made my classroom a blessing to start fresh for teaching this year. This very overwhelmed New Homeschooling Mama almost cried with joy since she did not manage the time to do it yet! Check that off my list and grateful, blessed start to my Sunday and New “School” year!

484. The return of my Sunday School Helper. I missed her! Nice to have her in class with me again!

485. The preaching of God’s Word by my Pastor. Grateful for Him and His teaching.

486. Unexpected fun at Ladies Breakfast at church. Makeup application will never be seen in the same way again.

487. 20 minutes of beach time with my bestie. Sitting in the sand after church breakfast chatting up a storm, about hard things, real and honest because that’s what friends do.

488. A great first week of Homeschool.

489. The Voice Teacher speaking to my Girl, making THE difference.

490. Beach late Sunday afternoon, with another friend…because there is never a day where the beach should be missed when one lives THIS close.

491. Hubs whipping up cookies, like “SNAP”, because I was craving a little sweetness.

492. Grace. Because I need it, rely on it and am learning to live by it. All praise to Jesus, who is the bringer of Grace.

493. Grace.
Because it deserves a space all it’s own?

494. Conquering my Homemaking fears, one dustball at a time.

495. That there really is enough time for everything that needs to get done and it is really ok to rest my head on the pillow at the end of the day, trusting it is enough. That time pressure is not really of Him.
I can choose peace, and rest. Liberating truth. Life is not a race. (that could be a whole post, so I will stop here).

496. Chocolates from Sweenor’s that I received this weekend. Um…YUM!

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Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)

In June we visited the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, with fellow Homeschoolers for our end of school field trip. Pictured above My Girl with one of the Beluga Whales that resides at this beautiful aquarium.
So, this Monday is the Monday that officially ends Summer. Unless you live in Narragansett, Rhode Island, in which case, the end of Summer is celebrated locally with an appropriately named beach gathering: Summer’s End Festival. Until then, I have decided to take a fond look back on my favorite Summer moments and share them here. Since I live like a local tourist, one never knows what (or whom) might be captured with my random, wandering lens! 
This Summer we visited Mystic Aquarium, and while my hubs and sweet girl wandered off to the Stingrays, I lingered snapping hundreds of photos of the Beluga whales. One of the funniest, cutest moments I caught on camera, by happenstance, occurred when a group of middle school aged boys approached the glass to observe and photograph the giant, gentle creatures. I continued to snap away, but what made this memorable was the Beluga’s response to the boys. One boy in particular who was wearing an orange cap, caught the Beluga’s attention. Captured below is the photos in order of occurrence. The Beluga seemed to have something to say to this boy, or perhaps he was opposed to orange. Either way he continued to circle, each time singling out this boy and gesturing a vocal-less scream! The first time it took everyone by surprise, since they mostly swim, smile and wink as they circle. It was just such a great laugh and memorable moment. I wish I could have caught the boys response better- they all got such a kick out of it and were taken aback with outrageous glee. 

Counting on…
472. We made it through the first day of homeschool AND LOOK- I even squeezed a blog post in- Woohoo!
473. Yard sales!
474. Meeting so many nice folks while selling my junk  treasure… junk...STUFF!
475. My Dad making it through two surgeries wonderfully so far with one to go – maybe? Answered prayer. Amen.
476. A smooth first day of homeschool. Apparently I am going to gloat on this one for a bit. Thank you, Lord. I will not fear tomorrow. I will not fear tomorrow…
477. Oh, sweet Word of God.
478. Freedom bringing, joyful giving OBEDIENCE to His will! The power, presence and authority to do as He wills.
479. Grace for the day. Enough.
480. The beauty of releasing stuff that no longer serves me. Learning to really LET GO. Because I do not need every single piece of paper my daughter has ever written on since birth. No really, I don’t. Amen. But saving a few. 😉
481. Beautiful Summer memories
482. Our SUmmer was not perfect, we had some really challenging and NOT fun moments.Thank you, Lord that your grace IS sufficient for all of our moments. The good, bad, ugly and not so perfect!

Titus 2 Tuesdays @ Cornerstone Confessions

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When Your Real Life Bestie Writes Her First Blog Post (Birthday Blessings)

It was ONE year ago that I sat with my dear friend on her Living Room couch, sharing a cup of tea while she explored creating her own blog.You know I shared that in one of my Miscellany Monday posts. Today I have the honor of sharing her first blog post, right here and am bursting like a silly, crazy proud mama because I know her heart, her struggles and her faithful friendship. She prays for my writing and this blog, friends. She has stood by me through adversity and is a faithful friend. When I think of her friendship, this is the verse that comes to my mind:

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.
 Proverbs 17:17.

My sweet friend brought me a  coffee and Rice Crispie Treat from Starbucks and sat with me during my weekend Yard Sale. This is how I look when I roll out of bed and have a Yard Sale. But she looks fabulous, right? 

Saturday, I celebrated my 49th year of living. Forty – Nine years of walking on this planet. I purposed to count my blessings and the way He loves me from Sunup to Sundown. But you know, somehow it didn’t all happen the way I thought. Yet it was still Good. From morning to evening I counted it all joy, confessing along the way, when I started to grumble or complain…sorry- it really is my default. But He gives more grace and gives me faithful friends and family. I realize I am both needy and grateful because He does provide, not always the way I expect or even want, at times. But He knows me better than I know myself. He loves me, gives me good things, and some things I reckon not so good BUT I can still thank Him, IN and through ALL. 

 I realized this weekend, that it is the presence of those I love I long for so much more than anything they give. And realize that this is the will of God, to know His desire. His presence. He so longs for us to dwell in His presence. Aware. Not the gifts we bring, the sacrifices of toil. But our sitting, walking, moving all the day knowing He is with us. Yes, as close as our very breath. In all of the joy, pain, sorrow, struggle and blessing. He, sitting with us, in our husbands, sons, daughters, mothers,fathers, friends. It’s miraculous but He is with us.

#471. This post birthday present: seeing my BFF brave sharing her heart and words here in the blogosphere.

The rest of my multitudes will be shared in later post. Meanwhile would you click on over and send some encouragement Lauree’s way. I know you will be blessed by her brave sharing. 

Read her very first published post called “Waiting to be First” over at Tea Dreams and Sleepless Nights– I promise, you will be blessed!

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Savoring the Good Things He Gives (RI Pictures)

Hi friends! I have not done a Miscellany Monday in a while but today I thought I would say hello and share a few pics, and check in with you all. Here are my randoms and multitudes.
From our garden…YUM! 

A peek into my current Journal- random scribbles-
and if you missed this Random Journal Day post, you might find some fun and inspiration, help for writer’s block and perfectionism? Random Journal Day is the first Friday of the month…consider yourself invited!

A thoughtful friend dropped by with this gift Saturday, which she said I had to open right away!

Just for fun- Once a year! This is the first year I actually had “treats” thanks to another sweet, friend, who felt I needed these. 

She made these cupcakes for me… 

She felt I needed these, too!  
Horses in Greene, Rhode Island

Beautiful sky… 

This “fortune” was at the park when I took my morning walk- it cracked me up!
My hubby took this picture on the South County Bike Trail.
He texted it to me, but was my phone near me? Nope.
But I got it later!  

I am in the process of matting my ICADs and putting them in a little album!These were some of the last ones that I made.
Daisy Yellow hosted this simple but wonderful challenge-
creating one index card a day, using a variety of mediums.

Counting again, because it is needful.

#446-Luscious, fat, numerous ripe Blackberries in our back yard.
#447-This gift of blogging and how it keeps me spiritually afloat.
#448-His gracious creativity flowing through me to overflow.
#449- Friends who not only accept this crazy girl as is, but who embrace me with all of my crazy. And lavish me with unexpected gifts! #shark week
#450. Horses- wherever they are. God bless horses. Because.
#451. For a hubby who took the beautiful picture on his bike ride to show me because he knows how much I love BEAUTY.
#452. Fortunes found that bring smiles.
#453 Shark Week for better or worse…and how they intrigue me
#454 Completing the icad challenge and feeling appreciation for each of my little “creations”!
#455 An abundance of reading material- I love books!
#456 the Library…sigh- I love the public library.
#457- I love the East Side of Providence and enjoyed a lovely evening at Wayland Square book browsing and visiting Teas and Javas~ Summer in Providence…nice place to visit but I’ll stay in Gansett, BABY!

lowercase letters

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The Tooth Fairy Trumps the Dentist (Monday’s Victory)

I have to share this little blessing (are any of them really little?) and felt like taking a silly slant for the title BUT am grateful to God’s assistance in this recent tooth tale. We were instructed by the Orthodontist that three of my daughter’s teeth would have to be removed due to crowding and some other concerns in her oral development, before she could get braces. My Girl, is sadly one of those kiddos who is highly phobic of needles, doctors etc. and the thought of tooth extractions was stressful on a good day. Adding to the stress was the reality that our Health Coverage would not cover for the extractions. We began planning the appointments, and shortly after the appointment with her  Ortho two of the teeth fell out on their own! The last tooth, our Doctor stated, would not fall out soon enough and so we went ahead and scheduled the extraction after a lengthy consultation with the Oral Surgeon for the end of May. The estimated out of pocket cost would be @500 dollars. When my daughter saw the bill she said, rip it up, my tooth is gonna come out! Sure enough, Sunday as I sizzled some meat for steak sandwiches she came tearing into the kitchen with that tooth in hand wearing a satisfied smile. I cancelled the appointment this morning. Sorry Doc, the Tooth Fairy wins on this one!

It seems small but God knows our concerns and needs, yes?
And those of our sweet babies. Even if they are not babies anymore!

And YES! Glory! I did ask God to let those teeth come out instead of having them pulled but did also follow the Doctor’s advice to plan otherwise as not to be negligent. In my prayer journal I can now record His answer and timing!

So my biggest and God knows most glorious blessing:
 #446 that three teeth came out #447 oral surgery was not needed
#448 grace found a way in perfect timing #449 He cares about every detail
# 450 He cares about sparrows and hairs on our head, and also molars, cuspids, bicuspids, and incisors.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

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