Motherhood Minus Social Media (#5MFF)

  As a single, working mom I toted and doted over my one and only girl. I carried her on my chest, on my back and in my heart. As a Personal Trainer/Director, Fitness Instructor and breastfeeding mama in an all women’s gym, I enjoyed a lot of love and support during this season. MyContinue reading “Motherhood Minus Social Media (#5MFF)”

When Motherhood is Not Magical

Let your face shine on your servant; save me in your unfailing love. Psalm 31:16 She ran away at 15. Quit school by 16. Had her first abortion by 17. It took all of her energy to come home at 25 and mend the relationship with her mother that she never had. But she knewContinue reading “When Motherhood is Not Magical”

The Hope and Promise of Motherhood (A Mother’s Journal)

  When my little girl was a few months old, I decided to start a journal of devotions and reflections for her about her early years. The entries were intermittent, as one would expect. As a new and single mom at the time, writing was grabbed sporadically between feedings, naps and playdates. But I wasContinue reading “The Hope and Promise of Motherhood (A Mother’s Journal)”