Mom’s Prayer Journal {Book Review & Encouragement}

 I bought the Mom’s Prayer Journal ( A Guided Prayer Journal) by Fern Nichols a couple of years ago. It was one of those books that I anticipated using, but wanted to wait for the right time. You see, although this book is mostly blank, there is room to write. This is both inviting and daunting. It remained beautiful and unmarked until this Summer. Summer is both a wonderful and challenging time. We relax and look forward to enjoying lives with a little less structure and a bit more freedom. But there is one who waits for us to let our guard down, get a bit too comfortable with our free and easy days, waiting for us to be too busy to pray, connect and commune with our True God and Guide. My desire was to be vigilant in prayer for my daughter and to keep myself in tip top prayer shape for my return to leading our Moms In Prayer Group in the Fall. I did not want to let my prayer life dwindle or let my faith get flabby this Summer! It’s not like we mean to, it’s just subtle how Summer can lull us into letting our guard down!
Well, whether you lead a Moms In Prayer group or not this guided journal is a wonderful way to focus on God’s Attributes and Character while prioritizing prayer for your precious child/children. When I first looked at it, I thought the actual amount of area allowed to hand write prayer would be too small but after having used it, I am satisfied that it gave me just enough room to write the prayers, but not so much that I was not guided gently towards clarifying my thoughts. 
What I love about the format is that it follows the Moms In Prayer flow of prayer, which means each page has a focus prompt and topic. The flow is Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession. The prompt is aimed at focusing on one of God’s attributes or characteristics as a topic for prayer and scripture. 
As Fern Nichols says, 
“Planning is the key to success of a regular quiet time. 
Even if you can only get away for 10-15 minutes, 
God will use that time to refresh and inspire you.”

Some of the prompts for reflection include: 
God is Righteous, Jesus is the Beloved, God is Compassionate,
God is my Deliverer, God is Sovereign and God is my Helper. 
The goal is to draw you closer in intimacy with Jesus as you seek Him in this time.
I only wish that some of the scripture references were listed along with the topic presented for convenience.
However, one can topically search out scripture that support the theme for reflection.
Some Scripture and references are included but I would have liked 
to see more just as we have available in the Leaders Corner for Moms In Prayer. 
The way the journal is structured is a wonderful way for 
praying alone moms or prayer partners to pray for and also keep track of prayers.
I wanted to share a couple of helpful links below as well as encourage
 you to perhaps make your own 
Prayer Journal to see if it is useful to you. 
Sometimes it is good to explore different ways of
praying or adapting our quiet times. 
Making Your Own Prayer Journal
You could purchase any spiral notebook, blank book or even use ruled sheets to put in a binder.
You will have a page for Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession (in a smaller size journal). With ruled Binder Size paper you might use one or maybe two sheets split up into 4 sections on a page or two sections using two pages.
Keep it simple. 
I think that is why I am enjoying this little journal so much, it is not too elaborate or complicated.
It gets me zoomed in on God through scripture and prayer.
It provides enough guidance without feeling too restrictive or overly formulated. 
Prayer Helps:
This list will help you focus on some key scriptures
 to meditate & base your prayers on.
A Cute Example:
Moms In Prayer:
Helpful Books:

Heart Cry {Event Invitation}

“Restrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, 
for there is a reward for your work, declares the Lord, 
and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. 
There is hope for your future, declares the Lord, 
and your children shall come back…” 
Jeremiah 31:16-17
It’s almost time. 
The clock is ticking.
Our Summer days and relaxed schedules will be the 
sweet memories we look back upon during the Fall and Winter.
Yes, I just said that!

Fall, as you know means back to school for our children.
Some children may be entering Kindergarten, some college-
but you know what they all have in common?

They all need Moms who pray.
One more thing. 
We all need to be Moms who pray!
How would you like to spend one morning, 
seeking God for His vision
for your children and your motherhood 
for this coming season, 
this school year?
Come worship, praise, pray and let your heart cry out with other 
moms and women in various seasons of life to the 
God who hears our hearts clearly.
Come catch some God-Sized Inspiration for your Mom
 journey this year at this interactive, uplifting event!

Top Ten Reasons for attending 

10.   The cost is so reasonable. 
$10 at the door
$ 5 in advance 

9. Children’s sports not started yet!   
Save the date: September 8th.
See event flyer HERE 

8. Light breakfast refreshments provided 
baked by some wonderful chefs-

7. Doors open at 8:45AM and we will be done by Noon.

6. Located close to the seacoast. 
It’s a perfect location for you and your friends (fellow bloggers?)
to head to the ocean for a bag lunch and fellowship before your trip home. 

 *Held at Eliot Baptist Church, 
912 Harold L. Dow Highway (Rte 236) in Eliot, Maine. 
Eliot is within 15 minutes of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 
and only 6 minutes off of RTE 95.

5. Great opportunity to praise and worship with 
women who love the Lord from all over New England!

4. Incredible group of worship leaders, 
with the focus being on Jesus, the King of kings!

3. Preparing for the year ahead: 
 Gathering together for this event and being reminded that prayer 
is essential in a world where the enemy and our culture 
battle for the lives of our children.

2. A great introduction to the  Moms in Prayer  experience. 
Praying shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.
You will come away ready to pray your way through 
whatever comes your way this school year!

1. A time to unite our hearts in prayer !

On behalf of Sharon Gamble, Moms In Prayer and all of my fellow praying Moms,
please join us as we come together to pray, rejoice, seek and enjoy His presence!

I am planning to be there;
 will you join me?

*Sharon Gamble 
New England Regional Director 
Moms in Prayer International 

 *Learn more about this very inspiring Facilitator
and Leader under my FAITH TAB!

*Gently modified for blogger/reader user friendliness 
from Sharon’s Top Ten Reasons To Attend Heart Cry

Giving Thanks For Moms In Prayer

The last day of prayer…
Today was the last day of the school year that I had the honor to show up by faith at my daughter’s school and pray for school, staff, teachers and classmates as well as the school community in general. This is my second year leading Moms In Prayer at this wonderful Christian school and it has really stretched me in GOD ways as only one can be stretched when they take that step of faith after asking, “Are you talking to me?” to God. Because, really I was not expecting to be “leading” but looking forward to happily being led when my daughter was finally able to attend this school which had been an answer to at least 5 years worth of prayer. I actually had finally given up on the idea she would be able to attend a Christian School when BAM – God swung the door open wide. Soon after that I lost my job (hence the blog!) and we wondered what on earth this meant for our family and most of all my daughter with regard to school. Well, God provided and though some financial aid awarded we are able to maintain her place by faith once more. I am so grateful to God for His wonderful provision. I am so grateful for His faithfulness to answer prayer and lead me to places I never anticipated going AND in ways I would never have considered. 
My journey with Moms In Prayer (formerly Moms In Touch) began in 2008. I have been so blessed by this ministry and all that I have received from being involved that it baffles my minds at times. I came to my first group as a mom who was desperately seeking answers. I prayed. I sweat, served and tried to be the mom that God wanted me to be but… I also longed for something that I had not experienced in the other Mom’s groups I had been part of previously. I found this elusive “thing”  in Moms In Prayer because it supported me in my mission in life which is to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him. What I found was that parenting was not like Personal Training. I hated that. ‘I want to tell you what to do and I expect you to do it’  sums up my perception of parenting early on. My daughter is not the kind that will be strong armed into anything. I know this is good and a God thing. But this exasperated me as a first time mom. Especially as she got older. I thought I trusted God for everything…but trusting Him for my daughter…His child, this was something I needed to learn. Am still learning. I was full of fear, doubt and insecurity for many reasons. I had nothing to rely on in myself and this was as it should be. That which I felt was my curse would ultimately be my blessing. I am not a perfect mom nor do I have all the answers. But my God is by my side and is leading me, teaching me, guiding me and HE himself has chosen me to parent this sweet, strong-willed, beautiful child. What makes MIP so sweet is when you can’t find the words because you are weary from battling the same battles, your fellow mom prays for your sweet child and God lifts your spirits and increases your faith while encouraging your weary mom heart! 
I am so grateful for the women God has allowed me to get to know through MIP and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the hearts of all those involved in this ministry. If you have children Moms In Prayer will bless you immensely and empower you to encourage other women into a closer walk and relationship of intimacy and trust in Jesus Christ through prayer and scripture! If you want to see miracles in YOUR child’s life and school go to the website and find a group or start one. Plan to do this before school starts next September! It is easier than you can imagine and you will not regret it! 
Moms In Prayer has groups which include: moms (obviously) but also Grand-moms, college moms, single moms, working moms, multiple school groups, home-school groups and more. 

Can I ask you a question?

 Why wouldn’t you want to pray specifically for those whom your child spends 6-8 hours a day with – and who also have full access and influence to their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual outlook? How can you not portion out and prioritize 1 hour a week to the specific, dedicated prayers that could change the life of your child and the lives of those your child spends their days with? 
As for me and my house- I will not deny that my daughter, her school and all of those involved in that community will be covered in prayer. 
I am so grateful for Moms In Prayer.

just a few praying moms…

I want to thank Sharon Gamble and all of those in New Hampshire and beyond who bless, serve and love to the uttermost, with grace upon grace, prayers and hearts that overflow to make Moms In Prayer the amazing ministry it is…you shine the Son in so many lives…I thank God for you. 
I also am thankful for Susan, Glory, Mary, and Pauline who have made travelling fun, interesting and unique ; have blessed me as we shared road trips, prayers, worship and fellowship. You have each one blessed me with your friendship, love, ear and shoulder when needed. Thank you.
I am thankful for those who stood in the gap this year with me: Tina, Tracie, Julie.
I am grateful for Fern Nichols and her vision, humility, heart and faithfulness. 
And above all I give Praise and thanks to God that He refuses to let me hide comfortably in the shadows.
Ever leading me into His glorious light as I walk by faith…baby-steps, one at a time further and further into His amazing grace.
Thank you, Lord that you helped me to be faithful for another year.
Despite my backtalk.
I love you, Father.
May I learn to be faithful, as you are faithful.

From the fullness of his grace 
we have all received one blessing after another.
John 1:16

Beholding Glory

Mean, Green Monday

Do you ever just sit and wonder where the week went? As I ponder the peaks and valleys of my life this week I am amazed with the twists, turns and unexpected winding that this road called life has brought forth.

Here I sit, in awe of God on Monday. Really every day, but I like to take things One. Day. At. A. Time. And today, after all, is…Monday. So welcome to a new week. May it bring forth rich blessings for you and may you find joy, and wonder in new and unexpected places as you walk along the road.

Here I share my many Blessings, Rants and Randoms, with Carissa and Ann and all of the lovelies in their communities. 
Tuesday’s beach walk…and pondering this year’s verse 
(John 3:30) and word: Less.
I will be sharing my fresh insights later in the week. 
May I introduce you to Author Judy Christie
This is my latest Fiction read and I am really enjoying it! 

Check out the short trailer:
I had the amazing blessing of being able to gather with some other lovely ladies from New England for this lovely time of prayer, fellowship and amazing grace with our gracious and lovely hostess: Sharon Gamble- Moms In Prayer Regional Director for New England. 
This was an overnight event which allowed for the most amazing display of hospitality by the lovely team Sharon heads up in New Hampshire. I was blessed to stay at a lovely home opened up to myself and my three fellow Rhode Island lady friends. We met new Sisters who graciously shared testimonies of grace and the faithfulness of our God. We brainstormed new ways to encourage Moms to prioritize praying. 
Mama Gamble always starts off these special intimate (@ 30 people) with a Bed-time story.
Our attribute focus was Light. Here Sharon reads from The Jesus Storybook Bible
in her lovely home. 
Sharon provided a time of reflection with scripture Thursday night, which is where and when God gave me my fresh insight which I shared on Sunday: The Great Yielding.
Here is the fact: People often complain about God being taken out of the public schools.
I want to suggest an alternative to complaining about this reality and making a difference in your child’s life that you may not know the complete significance of until eternity: Praying with another Mom through a Moms In Prayer gathering. You can get more information here.
Perhaps you pray, in church, in private and more, most likely. 
Moms In Prayer is a prayer ministry focused on your children: their schools, their teachers, their schoolmates, and school staff. This ministry serves as a tool to draw each mom into closer fellowship and prayerful dependence on Jesus Christ. Instead of discussion with Moms about problems they are ushered boldly to the throne of grace and supported prayerfully by other women. My daughter attends a private, Christian school and I currently lead the group where she attends. Our children and the schools we send them to for 6+ hour days, need the prayers of Moms, Grand-moms, Aunts and those with willing hearts to pray. I have been involved with Moms In Touch since 2008 and it has transformed my prayer life in a profound way. There is no greater gift we can give our children and those who we share them with daily than this one thing: Prayer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Boardway
                            Thank you to Mr. Lee Boardway, my dear fellow Maine-iac and partner in all things 
Lord of the Rings for sharing his testimony for my Faith tab! 
Please stop by and check out his story!
(I am putting it up ASAP, so check back if it is not up yet!)
I am accepting testimonies and invite you to share with us how you came to Faith in Christ!
Contact me, if you would like to share here! 
Here I am, with my mean, green chick!
Taken by my new friend Jackie! 

Continuing counting my graces and gifts …
92. A sweet sister in Christ who has won my daughter to friendship 93. flowers in a vase not once but twice to welcome me home 94. Forgotten chocolate chip cookies, remembered, eaten, forgotten again! 95. miraculous recovery and healing rest 96. Prayers of many, and especially one. 97. My new sweet friends Margy and Jackie and the joy of knowing them 98. car ride fellowship 99. transforming grace, which replaces “in your face” 100. fresh insights on scripture I have read many times, to His praise! 101. A lovely Sunday with an unusually pleasant, agreeable daughter 102. A lovely leader who serves and loves so many well, and is loved by Him and so many: Sharon

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

My Nightstand Overfloweth

Seriously my reading has slowed down lately, so here is my boring update…I might be slightly reading anemic.

What I am still in the middle of:

Praying For Purpose by Katie Brazelton- I am loving this one and read it daily OK almost daily. It is a daily format hence my excuse for not finishing!
Beckoned By The King by Jeannie Palette
Called To Controversy by Ruth Rosen

Are you convinced I am the slowest reader ever yet? Seriously I have been very busy. I think I need a nice vacation where I can just read for a weekend with a tall drink on a beach or poolside. Hmm. Can you picture me there? Or are you selfishly imagining yourself there… I forgive you. Do you see that stack? There is more, where that came from- I have too many books. Not to mention that last month I won a slew of books. Poor book-loving me. You are feeling sorry for me, right? I didn’t think so.

What I finished:

I loved this book and suggest it for those of you who are looking to seed scripture into your heart and be encouraged through the practice of scriptural prayer. Jody has also written a book for parents of teens which I have not read yet, but I assure you I think it will be useful. Jody is a Moms In Prayer  (formerly Moms In Touch) Leader and has much to share from her personal experience.

A quick read and good to share. I got this one as a freebie. John MacArthur is a favorite teacher of mine. This is a small one, good to pass along in discipleship or friendship evangelism situations.

Last but SO not least I finished Anne Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.
I started this book in January. I put it down after the first chapter because I could not suffer the pain of the experience Ann shared. If you have read it you know, if not, I will not spoil it. But, I just was not ready to ball, and had just started the Hunger Games trilogy so was not up to it. Ann got shelved. Then I picked it up and immersed myself in her picturesque poetic prose. I allowed myself to enter into her world and emerged feeling as though she touched a universal nerve. Suddenly I understood the fuss and the community that this book has birthed.
She somehow manages to sketch the raw beauty of our existence in a unique and common yet powerful manner that invites all to come and take part in the journey.

So my excuse is also I have been so busy writing my gifts that I have not been able to read as much. Read:The dog ate my homework!”

I am still lamenting the loss of my dear Kindle. Which was uninsured. Lesson learned. 

I hope to do better next month. Off to see what the die-hard read-a-holics put down! 
Happy Reading, Friends! 

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