The Tooth Fairy Trumps the Dentist (Monday’s Victory)

I have to share this little blessing (are any of them really little?) and felt like taking a silly slant for the title BUT am grateful to God’s assistance in this recent tooth tale. We were instructed by the Orthodontist that three of my daughter’s teeth would have to be removed due to crowding and some other concerns in her oral development, before she could get braces. My Girl, is sadly one of those kiddos who is highly phobic of needles, doctors etc. and the thought of tooth extractions was stressful on a good day. Adding to the stress was the reality that our Health Coverage would not cover for the extractions. We began planning the appointments, and shortly after the appointment with her  Ortho two of the teeth fell out on their own! The last tooth, our Doctor stated, would not fall out soon enough and so we went ahead and scheduled the extraction after a lengthy consultation with the Oral Surgeon for the end of May. The estimated out of pocket cost would be @500 dollars. When my daughter saw the bill she said, rip it up, my tooth is gonna come out! Sure enough, Sunday as I sizzled some meat for steak sandwiches she came tearing into the kitchen with that tooth in hand wearing a satisfied smile. I cancelled the appointment this morning. Sorry Doc, the Tooth Fairy wins on this one!

It seems small but God knows our concerns and needs, yes?
And those of our sweet babies. Even if they are not babies anymore!

And YES! Glory! I did ask God to let those teeth come out instead of having them pulled but did also follow the Doctor’s advice to plan otherwise as not to be negligent. In my prayer journal I can now record His answer and timing!

So my biggest and God knows most glorious blessing:
 #446 that three teeth came out #447 oral surgery was not needed
#448 grace found a way in perfect timing #449 He cares about every detail
# 450 He cares about sparrows and hairs on our head, and also molars, cuspids, bicuspids, and incisors.

Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
Proverbs 16:3

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Imperfect Prose on Thursday w/Emily
My Daily Walk In His Grace
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

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Maxed Out on Monday

Monday. Fresh start or dreaded day? Is Monday a day that requires extra grace, I wonder. Either way, here we are at the start of a new week. I am seeking grace and margin. Last week was a very busy, week with Home School, three days of “out of the home” appointments, work (per usual), and bonus stresses squeezed in, unexpectedly. Can you relate? Yet, for the moments that maxed me out there was still available to me throughout the week, a safe haven; a strong refuge; a still, small voice; abundant grace; peace and joy. Available and present with me was my Faithful, Living Savior. Because of that I can face tomorrow…and today. Especially Monday!


Sometimes I feel this way with a lot of things: Music with words, news, Facebook News-feeds, certain talkative people…etc. Sometimes we have to walk away from overload, whatever form it takes. Some seasons in life just require an extra dose of discernment and wisdom to navigate well. He provides what we need. Let us lean in toward Him, and listen close. He provides the drink we need in perfect measure. 

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

Ephesians 5:15-17

I have been lax on this (maybe there is a relation to my feeling maxxed out-ness, hmmm?)
so resuming my Multitudes on Monday…

Now where did I leave off?
Ah, yes.

416. Any day my husband is off of work and home with us.
417. Homemade Chicken Chow Mein and Chocolate pound cake- whipped up by him…because he’s awesome like  that.
418. Day out shoe shopping with my Best Girl and buying her the wedge sneakers she wanted.
419. The Doctor appointment that went well. Lord, beyond measure with this one since they sometimes are horror movie worthy!
420. A family day Friday and Thai food shared lunch.
421. A day of scrap-booking. It’s been so long, I forgot how much I love to do it! The company (Sam S. this means YOU!) was wonderful, truly relaxing creative time. A treat enjoyed.
422. Best tip ever- Created my Homeschool only Binder. THanks to Sam as well!
423. Pink Champagne cupcake from a local bakery I did not even know was there (thanks to Sam for that one, too- maybe)- YUM.

 Relaxing fun day with my Home School Mentor and friend Sam.
Oh and her little Boy Bun in the oven.
Cupcakes by Patty Cakes. Yum. 

In an ironic twist of fate…(God loves to do that, ya know) I met her at the Boot Camp Class I teach weeknights. 

Sam stamped this page for me to add pics to. I have been wanting to scrap these pictures for the longest time. My sweet girl chasing a butterfly.
Precious memory!

I added the ribbon from the cupcake box!
That was also Sam’s suggestion.
Hmm. Can’t wait to boss her around again in Boot Camp, Post Baby, to thank her for all! 

Look WHAT I DID moment:

I made these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies last week.
The recipe is HERE. They were yummy to me.
Too healthy for my family.
Oh, well…Here’s to cookies for breakfast! 

Reviewed this book HERE and we are on our final week of writing to God together.
Wednesday Rachel will be making a visit for our final post and gathering.
What a wonderful journey it has been for myself and a few other sojourners!

My Bloggy BFF, Pam at In The Shadow Of His Wings has written a review for a Bible Study called Chase by Jennie Allen. Will you hop on over and check it out. The study itself looks great and Pam has done a thorough, well thought out and prayerful review of it! Check it out! 

Have a Wonderful Week, Friends!

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Living in the "Yes" of Easter (Monday and Beyond)

Photo Credit: Joe Alblas/History Channel

I curled up with my Bible Easter Sunday Morning, with the intent to get back on track with my Bible reading plan. I had veered off course about mid March, and after accepting a very dear friend’s advice, to pick up from where I am today without trying to catch up, I opened up my favorite book trusting God to meet me and get me back on track without obsessing about the days missed (which the same friend reminded me I have read these books before AND I could go back and read when time allows currently). As I read through Song of Solomon (not a personal favorite) and Numbers…I’m partial to the Old Testament for sure but Leviticus and Numbers…well, let’s say ALL of God’s Word is beneficial, so I chomp on through it and trust that it does this body and soul good. I read on into Matthew. But this morning’s additional verse for me in my Writing to God venture leads me head long into one serendipitous moment. 
 For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

2 Corinthians 1:20-22
Praise the God of Yes, in Jesus!
This was a perfect Easter morning kiss for me.
Have you ever felt kissed on the head by your Heavenly Father?
I pray many kisses are bestowed upon you from your Heavenly Father, in the form of precious gems of truth from His Holy Word. 

I watched the conclusion of The Bible TV Series this Sunday night.
I reserved my comments until watching the complete series. First I want to say I enjoyed and looked forward each Sunday to watching this epic offering from History Channel and…Hollywood. That being said I did notice many flaws, yet was able to enjoy it. I read a number of views on this and I just want to say brethren, please…”stop dragging my heart around.” I. Liked. It. It was imperfect. As is your view. Let’s move on and thank God that we can even have the freedom to see, such a program on the telly at this point in time. God is not limited by Hollywood productions, History Channel, Bible Translations, translators or  even you and me. Oh, ye of little faith…
This week I got to speak on the phone to my West Coast BFF, Sara! 
We have a special love for Palm and Easter Sunday because many moons ago, God did a major miracle in both our lives during that week. He brought us to life in Christ! That is a story worthy of it’s own post. Coming soon…Meanwhile, I miss her since her move from the East but am so grateful for our connection in Him.Proverbs 17:17 says a friend loves at all times…grateful for a handful of sisters who really embrace this verse, and me. Cally is calling…

I caught Spring trying to bud it’s way in…

So I bent low and captured it! 

I started this Book Study at Renee’s Place – it’s not too late to join in!
Can you believe we are celebrating ONE YEAR
of Random Journal Day this month?
So come join in and LINK UP with your journal!
Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I am hoping to participate once again in the 5 Minutes for Mom 
Ultimate Blog Party! Consider yourself invited. 

For those who are in the Rhode Island area, I want to let you know of a workshop happening beginning April 5th-May 24. If you or someone you know is a Sexual Abuse Survivor, please check out Tin Man Ministries upcoming workshop: Healing Hearts Workshop
Head of TMM, Holly Otten, will be featured in an upcoming post. 

Have a wonderful week, living in the “YES” of Easter!

Tomorrow I will be sharing a very special poem-  inspired by a picture of a dog and girl by a friend-“I Am Your Girl”. If you are a dog lover, you will not want to miss it! PS: It is National Poetry Month

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Monumental Monday- Celebrating 1000 Gifts (and Counting)

Steppingstone Falls in West Greenwich, Rhode Island
A very hidden place!
 My sweet girl took this picture Saturday as we enjoyed an impromptu
walk in the scenic woods of our beautiful state, Saturday afternoon.

My BIG news breaking is that not only did I have a wonderful weekend with much to thank God for but I also hit 1000 in my “paper” 1000 Gifts Journal. I actually keep two, AN online (here at the blog) one and my spiral bound, handmade version. Pictured below.

Here is my 1000th!

You can see Aurora watching over my every move.
Guaranteed, if I lay open a book, she is there.
She actually was sitting inside pizza boxes this time. 
Sister Ashley. She lays by the food bowl and heater all day.
No flies on her. She does sleep on my stomach at night.
Like a heating pad.
I wrote a little Christian Meditation  this weekend.
Confident Heart

I am excited to attempt to do Rene Swope’s Online Book and Bible Study beginning April 1!
If any of you remember I failed my last attempt! However it led to a wonderful surprise and the pictures below. So obviously it was a blessing that I failed? AT least it proved He does work things together for good… and God Sized Surprises!

This was all due to a very, sweet, thoughtful friend named Kristy who decided I needed this book because I was not having the Kindle version. I like REAL books. 
I am READY to DO IT! No Fooling, this time!
Onward to A Confident Heart.
Feel free to join me. Just pop on over to Rene’s
to find out more and sign up!
Saw this movie and loved it. I will Blog my thoughts on it as I thought there was so much more to love about this story and will argue the fact with anyone who wants to go at it.
I love the heart of the movie, and the heart of it’s main character.
Finished this book this weekend and will be reviewing it this week. Stay tuned. Great read. A cold drink of water for needy, hurting Christians, but a nice slap in the face for the Pharisee crowd. Support for those who have kids that are challenging, without the usual gag me with a pitchfork, Christian jargon and advice. Thank you Brenda Garrison!
 Have a GREAT WEEK! 

Man Plans, God Laughs on Monday!

Nobody is more motivated than you, nobody loves your child more than you do, nobody has [a greater] desire for your child to succeed than you. 
~Krisa Winn on Home-Schooling. 
I loved stumbling upon the quote above this week, and am making it my Home School theme quote. The past week has been full, of graces, blessings and mercies fresh daily. He is faithful! 
It has been a busy week for us, as the public and private schools were on winter vacation this past week. We managed to keep to our Home School work and schedule while allowing for some fun time with friends as well. 

Monday was a great get together and we headed to local Sand Dunes that are usually awesome for sledding but due to exceedingly high winds were a little blotchy. Everyone still made the best of it!

My Girl sliding…
My Girl’s exit off of sliding apparatus! 
Sometimes beauty, like grace walks gently into our moments as quiet as a deer… 

Though it seems to walk by, it never leaves but reveals itself
in tender, unexpected moments.
*A half dozen deer showed up as my sweet friend and I sat praying following a blessed day!

February 20th was the Hub’s Birthday.
We celebrated with Peanut Butter Cup Brownies and a special Mid-Life Crisis Present for him. He wanted it, don’t get your panties all up in a bunch!

Sunday we got to see the most beautiful Bride-to-be, Sandy. Overjoyed for this dear friend and her soon to be Husband.

So here are my planning pages for the Blog as I was fleshing out the upcoming weeks. How is it that I decide to make a “blogging schedule”, and no sooner than I do just that, I immediately break my own plan? That is when I am reminded of a sweet Jewish client who used to speak these sage quotes, “Man plans, and God laughs”. Well, this is His place, I pray I am just the Facilitator and hostess, and available to flex as He wills. 
So much for the 4 day a week schedule…
Let’s say that it is a “tentative” schedule, shall we?
Because this week IS a busy week here, ok? Stay with me and I will let you know so you can pick and choose what you don’t want to miss!

So Emily over at Imperfect Prose put out a DARE this for the next few Mondays…
It’s a dare, friends. It’s A DARE TO LOVE YOURSELF. Starting now.
I took the dare and will be linking up with Emily for her Synchroblog -which starts today:February 25th!Consider taking the dare, ok?

Tuesday is time for What’s On Your Nightstand– Stop by and I will tell you all about my current pile of books. I’ve got a pretty busy stack for the slowest reader in the land of Blogdom.
Stop by if you can- and consider sharing What’s On Your Nightstand, too!
Wednesday is our informal check in for our Writing To God  journey.  Those participating  will share how their week of writing exercises went, share a post in the comments if they wish, or just comment on the “Conversation”. I will be posting a little conversation prompt, for those who may drop in to visit and want to join the conversation.
Thursday I am hosting a Book Tour with review of this book by an Episcopalian Priest who shares some of his perspective on how the Near-Death Experiences of many, convinced him of the reality of Heaven. This one may be the most challenging Book Review I have had to write to date. Prayers welcome as I wrap that up. 
Friday is Random Journal Day– Hooray!

396. Lost keys in deep snow that God returned once we asked TOGETHER in prayer!
397. A blessed, busy joyful week. 398. Active, productive and peace filled days. 399. One day at a time may be the key to everything. Maybe even one breath, one step…
400. The God who grows greater in my eyes, but who is already greater than I can perceive.

Eyes to see, Lord. Eyes to see.  May I see your greatness and glory in the details of every moment, every day. Hallelujah!
I still have more I want to share, but it can wait! 
How about you-what’s new and exciting in your life? 

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