On Long Walks and Mercy…(5 Minute Friday)

Well, the link for Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Friday is now 10:00 instead of 12 midnight-ish. And guess what? This tired mamma who wants to get her write on found mercy on Thursday night!  And then I had to save this from Twitter. Because I am sentimental AND I really am horrible at Twitter BUT look,Continue reading “On Long Walks and Mercy…(5 Minute Friday)”

One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Pt 3

We Are Never Off God’s Radar Well here we are on the final leg of this journey…If you are popping into this little post, you need to know this is the last of three. Part one and two are here:The Adventure Begins…Men Hate to Ask for Directions… And now we conclude this little Boston adventure…Continue reading “One Night in Boston (How to lose a car, make a friend and find God in 24 hours) Pt 3”

Leaving Behind The Myth {It Will Get "Easier"}

Yet man is born to trouble  as surely as sparks fly upward. Job 5:7 I was thinking while driving to the market. Do you find you get your deepest insights at the most inconvenient times for writing. I mean pondering while driving has caused me to miss more than one exit. And sometimes long, steamyContinue reading “Leaving Behind The Myth {It Will Get "Easier"}”

The Dangers of Favoritism

My brothers, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favoritism. James 2:1   I have seen again and again the damage done in Christian circles by those who call themselves followers but refuse to yield themselves to this verse. Parents, Teachers, Pastors, Youth Leaders and many others involved in ministry. I haveContinue reading “The Dangers of Favoritism”