When I was a Little Girl (Prompt 20/21)

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One. More. Day. Today is day twenty of our journaling journey. I’ve posed a question on my Facebook Page @ Enthusiastically, Dawn.– check it out and let me know your thoughts. Today’s prompt can be a lighthearted look at childhood. If you’re like my hubby, you have so many happy family memories, he always is bringing up moments from the past, and can be quite nostalgic. I have a mixed bag from my past…but that doesn’t mean I can’t look back and find a few rays of sunshine. I know that had I not suffered  many of the things I did, I would not be the same person. I believe we can find something to be thankful for even in a challenging or tragic childhood. I know  I have.


When I Was a Litle Girl…(Prompt 20)

photo credit: ihave3kids via photopin cc

photo credit: ihave3kids via photopin cc



Today we take a walk down memory lane. Some of us have had happy childhoods, others traumatic. I know for me, despite the difficulties God’s hand was evident. Yet there are times He shows me there is still growth needed, thinking that needs correcting, healing that can go deeper. The wonderful thing about our minds and God’s grace is that we can train ourselves to seek out and focus on the good, not the bad. It is hard at first, but just as the light of early dawn grows brighter as the day goes on, the good looms larger and the bad is left behind in the darkness of yesterday’s memory, until it fades away completely into the past.

So, in your journal, before God alone, start out with this line…


Best Summer Moments Captured (#1 Mystic Aquarium)

In June we visited the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, with fellow Homeschoolers for our end of school field trip. Pictured above My Girl with one of the Beluga Whales that resides at this beautiful aquarium.
So, this Monday is the Monday that officially ends Summer. Unless you live in Narragansett, Rhode Island, in which case, the end of Summer is celebrated locally with an appropriately named beach gathering: Summer’s End Festival. Until then, I have decided to take a fond look back on my favorite Summer moments and share them here. Since I live like a local tourist, one never knows what (or whom) might be captured with my random, wandering lens! 
This Summer we visited Mystic Aquarium, and while my hubs and sweet girl wandered off to the Stingrays, I lingered snapping hundreds of photos of the Beluga whales. One of the funniest, cutest moments I caught on camera, by happenstance, occurred when a group of middle school aged boys approached the glass to observe and photograph the giant, gentle creatures. I continued to snap away, but what made this memorable was the Beluga’s response to the boys. One boy in particular who was wearing an orange cap, caught the Beluga’s attention. Captured below is the photos in order of occurrence. The Beluga seemed to have something to say to this boy, or perhaps he was opposed to orange. Either way he continued to circle, each time singling out this boy and gesturing a vocal-less scream! The first time it took everyone by surprise, since they mostly swim, smile and wink as they circle. It was just such a great laugh and memorable moment. I wish I could have caught the boys response better- they all got such a kick out of it and were taken aback with outrageous glee. 

Counting on…
472. We made it through the first day of homeschool AND LOOK- I even squeezed a blog post in- Woohoo!
473. Yard sales!
474. Meeting so many nice folks while selling my junk  treasure… junk...STUFF!
475. My Dad making it through two surgeries wonderfully so far with one to go – maybe? Answered prayer. Amen.
476. A smooth first day of homeschool. Apparently I am going to gloat on this one for a bit. Thank you, Lord. I will not fear tomorrow. I will not fear tomorrow…
477. Oh, sweet Word of God.
478. Freedom bringing, joyful giving OBEDIENCE to His will! The power, presence and authority to do as He wills.
479. Grace for the day. Enough.
480. The beauty of releasing stuff that no longer serves me. Learning to really LET GO. Because I do not need every single piece of paper my daughter has ever written on since birth. No really, I don’t. Amen. But saving a few. 😉
481. Beautiful Summer memories
482. Our SUmmer was not perfect, we had some really challenging and NOT fun moments.Thank you, Lord that your grace IS sufficient for all of our moments. The good, bad, ugly and not so perfect!

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A Safer Place in Time {5 Minute Friday: Home}


Home. My mind immediately sees houses flying through memory. I’m Dorothy swirling in a tornado, far away from home. Home of my childhood memory in the late sixties – mud-pies and butt- puddle splashing in a bathing-suit during a thunderstorm. I am so sure parents worried less then. Or maybe young parents just don’t think of the worst thing that could happen as older parents do. Memories of a one room school house, fenced in, bell ringing at the top. Sometimes I long to go back in time. If not for my own escape, for my sweet girl’s sake. I know I wasn’t afraid to go to that school. I only feared that I would get caught in my own sneaky scheme. Stealing my artwork when the teacher wanted to hang them all and instead I loved my creation so much I wanted to take it home with me. So I stuffed it under my jacket and held it close, because it hurt to think of that colorful paper fish, hanging by a string swimming in the schoolhouse darkness when it could be with me. That was the first time I created something I loved and I longed for it to come home with me. The guilt consumed me as I lay in bed at night. But I never did bring it back. 

*Initially I thought this prompt was leading me to write about the many places I lived and instead I found myself standing in that one room school house committing my crime. There was only one house between my home and the school.

Every Friday I join in here to write for 5 minutes on a prompt chosen for us. Every week I am surprised to find that I have words…and sometimes I am surprised where they lead. Come join in this fun but sometimes unexpected journey- see where it leads YOU!

Five Minute Friday

No Ordinary Girl (5 Minute Friday-Ordinary)

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7th Grade. I am standing in a new school, in a new town, in the smallest state in the United States of America. Awkward. Alone. Self-Conscious. Who wears 7th Grade well? I didn’t. It came with tight jeans, hated hair, insecurities that bred while I slept. I loathed my life and felt oh, so ordinary. I walk into this new school which is to me “the big city”. I feel the eyes upon me. New girl. Awkward magnified. How I wish I felt…special. I ask the teacher what to do, as I swim in a sea of unfamiliar faces and halls and realize I am sinking. Just another face. The teacher is not so sensitive to my current circumstance but busy with a million mundane tasks, distracted. Still, she manages to direct me, only mildly annoyed. I stalk the halls wishing I could escape somehow through crevices in the hallway walls. The angst of one thousand ordinary moments longing to be something more than ordinary. 
I watch my daughter scale this period in life. She thinks I have no knowledge of puberty or adolescence. I see her struggle and remember too well the pain of the years. Some get by unscathed. Others, escape by grace, look back, head shaking, relieved that those years are but a temporary season. 
Come on over and check in on the writing prompt, write for 5 minutes and join the fun!

Five Minute Friday


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