Marriage: A Holy Mess (5MF)

Marriage isn’t perfect, because people aren’t perfect. So I ask myself why would I expect  perfection when there might be more right here in the messy reality. I think there was a time, ya know, BM…Before Marriage (not Bowel Movement) when I thought  there were certain things that guarenteed security, in marriage and life. AndContinue reading “Marriage: A Holy Mess (5MF)”

When the Enemy Strikes Your Marriage (Thoughts For Runaway Brides and Brides to Be)

Credit  Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21 I hardly recognized myself. There I stood screaming in my my kitchen, words pouring out of my mouth, like lava from erupting volcano. All around me felt buried in ash. My, husband returned the heat and I felt that we had turned downContinue reading “When the Enemy Strikes Your Marriage (Thoughts For Runaway Brides and Brides to Be)”

For Those Unmarried

  Credit     This post could be inspired by a couple of interactions I had today. Or it could be a word that has been longing to come out of me for awhile.   Either way, I need to have a word with those who are unmarried…   I know you think that youContinue reading “For Those Unmarried”

On Brave -Because I’m Not (5 Minute Friday)

      Brave. I think of myself and know the truth. God knows I’m not brave.  When I hear the word brave, I think of my husband. Spot on. It takes courage to take on a family. To step out in faith and say the words, marry me.   And trust me I wasContinue reading “On Brave -Because I’m Not (5 Minute Friday)”