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Friends, from a sleepless night, a poetic offering for you. From a dream I had while awake…which was real -but felt like a dream. Follow?  Well…let’s see!

I pray it blesses you, somehow.



On Savoring the Good @ 5 Minutes for Faith

I am over at 5 Minutes for Faith today sharing a bit of what God has been working in me recently. Instead of sharing a piece of that story- although the lesson is related to my message there, I thought I would share a bit about the picture I used in the post.

On our recent family vacation to Maine, this mama and her 7 ducklings became a springboard for God’s messages and ministry to my heart. You see the owner of our cottage explained that this particular mama had nine babies, but the foxes had gotten two. Now there were a number of duck families about the lake we stayed but there was something about the freshness of these babies and the way they made their way every morning and evening by our cabin that was significant, tender and oh, so sweet. We found ourselves looking for them and I began to measure God’s faithfulness daily by the assurance of those 7 baby ducklings rummaging through the berries in front of our cabin each morning. Then one day after a rainstorm, they did not return. Coincidentally we were experiencing some unexpected disruptions and discord in our vacation plans. I found myself feeling extremely sad and down, and the feelings seemed magnified by the absence of those sweet babies and their mama.

There are times when all of our circumstances seem to magnify the bad side of things in our lives.

 But God longs to be our Good. Always.
He is good even when things are bad. 
And there are times when they, in reality are- 
BUT He remains the same Good God. 

Ironically, the weather cleared. Blue skies returned as did our mama with her 7 baby ducklings. You know, friends…God knew I needed to see His faithfulness in a special way and the return of blue skies and ducklings reminded me of the hope I have in Him, in all circumstances.

I know God wants me to learn to really savor the good so that in difficult moments I am not overwhelmed by despair. To savor is to pause and recognize in the present moment. It is a powerful reckoning. We so easily can lose perspective, miss the small gifts that God lays in our path daily. He reminded me ever so faithfully this vacation, to savor the good. Recalling in all of my moments His faithfulness. His hope. Remembering that He is Good, regardless of the weather, or circumstance.

So today’s message is brought in part to you by the Mama and her 7 ducklings. 
I would love it if you joined me there!

Waddle on over…read post at 5 Minutes for Faith

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ICAD update (Made in Maine!)

Our family has just returned from a week in Weld, Maine. I read, relaxed and made 22 of these little index cards called ICAD’s (for those who are not aware of this fun challenge/activity from Daisy Yellow just check out the ICAD badge in my sidebar). In June, I started this 61 Day challenge for artists, non-artists and creative kids of all kinds. It is totally relaxing and addicting. Tammy, our fearless leader,  also gives prompts for those who like that sort of thing, but I have been too Summer hot busy to be on the computer long. So I just wing it and have fun and try to pop on the Facebook Page to see all of the wonderful little ICADS shared from all over the world. It is utterly inspiring and somewhat magical. All ages are welcome and the community is welcoming and oh, so supportive! 
Since we had a number of rainy days I made sure to pack a few supplies and index cards for our vacation. Or so I thought. Our first full rainy day I realized I forgot the pack of index cards back home. Fortunately a trip to Reny’s in Farmington resolved that issue!
**The only supplies used for these ICADs were 1 pack of 12 Crayola colored pencils, 1 box of 24 Crayola crayons, a tiny bottle of Decoupage Glaze (from a kit of something I can’t recall), 4 fine tip Sharpies, Glue sticks, 12 Flair markers and another set of markers similar to the Flairs. I tore up papers from the kindling basket as well as Maine Tourist flyers for collage. 
My hubby, daughter and her friend joined in the ICAD making and it was nice to see everyone involved. But my daughter’s friend and I enjoyed ICAD making most, so whenever we had the chance we would make a few over the course of the week, then show our little creations to one another with understanding smiles and appreciation. 
*Here is the Link to Tammy’s page for an explanation of the ICAD Challenge.
Without further adieu- here are the ICADS I made in Maine between July 6th and 13th.

I made these for my Girl and her sweet friend! 

Unofficial Zentangle with color!  

My Leave themed ICADS together 
I bought a book from the local Book Emporium (aka barn) called 100 Portraits of Christ.
This was a quote in by the author. Powerful. Great book! 

Flower Power

B & W Zentangle  

My daughter helped box draw the letters! Torn up magazine paper collage

I wrote words on ne index card then cut them out and glued them…
inspired by all the rain we had! 

Magazine clippings collage with glaze

My model leaves glazed ! 

Collage, Sharpie, Glaze

layered magazine clippings

newspaper then overlay of magazine image

Inspired by morning Bible reading 

My very fave ICAD- I missed my own dog on vacation so I think this pic got me! Loved the quote…orange marker and pencil on life jacket and dog…not sure why I am attached to this one but this is my personla fave of the group! 

I did this one on our last morning! I photographed it in the window, hence the hazy light at top right.
Last but not least, give a big round of applause for my hubby… Here is his Zentangle inspired ICAD! 
Whatta guy! 

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Maine Vacation 2012 Repost (Maine Photos)

The best things are nearest: 
breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, 
flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, 
the path of God just before you.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
This is a Re-Post from our Maine Family Vacation last year (2012) – I hope you enjoy the pictures!


We returned just about 11:30 PM on Saturday from our Maine vacation.
Yesterday, I had an overwhelming urge to sleep which I just couldn’t shake. 
Even though my Pastor’s message was about one of my favorite Bible characters (David) and his teaching and preaching right on, I caught myself nodding between notes and quotes!
 It was all I could do to stumble home to bed after. 
I am feeling re-energized today and have been tackling the laundry, organizing, unpacking. 
Well although I had  My Maine Bucket List, the week was overflowing with God’s own Bucket List for us. 
Oh, friends, I am richer today because of my week away, which was a sweet gift from God. 
I am grateful for the prayers of those who lifted us and we were blessed in so many ways.
Here I will share some SNIPPETS of our Maine vacation.

Finally arriving…
A delicious gift was delivered to our cabin by our
 thoughtful Maine-iac friends!Yes, it was Good!

I adored this mug and drank from it every morning.
Quiet time by the lake, gazing at the mountains…

This was our very own private beach (more or less) 
and I sat here in the morning and listened to God’s voice
whispering sweet peace to my heart through His beautiful Creation.

My Girl standing in Coos Canyon: Byron, Maine

This is Angel Falls- we hiked in and it was quite a nice hike.
The falls are deep into the woods- a hidden gem.
Afterwards we enjoyed, ice cream and milk shakes
 at the Coos Canyon Gift shop.
Yum. Vanilla milk shake for me. Just fessing up. 

We enjoyed some canoeing.
Although when Hub and I do stuff like this,
it really should be filmed for “How Not To Communicate” OR
a horrid Sit Com about marriage.
The banter is such that I am
 grateful God didn’t tip us just to teach us a lesson.
We got it together. Eventually.

Relaxation – a whole new level. 

A barn turned bookstore. 
Treasures here, I tell you!

Visited my favorite garage for treasures and bought these!
These were for making my first Altered Books.
 I thought the girls needed a craft for a rainy day-
 Although rain did not come,
we still started our Altered Maine Books 
which I will share in a later post!

My Girl and I enjoy a sunset canoe ride.

Bike ride to Mt. Blue Trading Post for some…what else- Ice Cream!
My Hub and Girl ride-I walked and picked flowers on the way back.
God also gifted me when I surprised a White Tailed Deer- much to my joy!

My Girl, The Duck Whisperer…

Final Sunset…Friday the 13th.
Last moments on the beach with friends before leaving.
Tubing and Jet Skiing…so much laughing.
One final view of the cabin as we left…

See you next year! 

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Goodnight Sun-Goodbye Maine

I captured these images between 7:57 and 8:13 on Friday the 13th
in Weld, Maine; last day of our vacation.
Sweet sunset.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield; 
the LORD bestows favor and honor; 
no good thing does he withhold from those 
whose walk is blameless.
Psalm 84:11

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