Panning for Gold: Random Reading, Rich Results

  Hello Random Journal Day Friends! I have been a bit busier than expected BUT I want you to know I am here and appreciating your posts, participation and presence between all of my real life adventures! I have extended our Random Journal Day Reunion so we all have a bit more time to connectContinue reading “Panning for Gold: Random Reading, Rich Results”

Ask, Seek, Knock: Seeking God With Pen and Paper

    As I have considered the ways I most typically journal, I thought I would share how I approach my mornings and what I call my daily Quiet Time.   Now depending on who you ask, you can find support for many ideas and philosophies on what makes up a quiet time, why itContinue reading “Ask, Seek, Knock: Seeking God With Pen and Paper”

Random Journal Day #44 with Lynn D. Morrissey and a Giveaway

    Welcome to Random Journal Day! I am honored to have a special guest as our Featured Journal Keeper this month. I first heard of Lynn Morrissey when I found her words inscribed in an exquisite book which became one of my favorite journaling books ever written, “Love Letters To God :Deeper Intimacy through WrittenContinue reading “Random Journal Day #44 with Lynn D. Morrissey and a Giveaway”