Why Writers Need One Another (Giveaway)


Pictured: The room we gather together weekly at the Neighborhood Guild, one quiet morning, before the readings begin.

    I picked up the phone to make the call shortly before Christmas about a year and a half ago. I left a message and waited to hear back from the Instructor who I would come to know as Linda eventually. It seemed like forever before I received the call back, and I wondered why should I bother? I was happily blogging away on my blog, contributing monthly along with a team of writers to a site dedicated to my genre, enjoying online writing communities AND contentedly discontent with my writing. My muse was getting a bit stir crazy, but other than that writing life seemed good.

Finally the return call came, although it was almost a whole month later and I had forgotten I had even desired to stretch myself out of my little writing cave. My muse and I looked at each other quizzically, meh…would we, should we, venture out of our comfort zone?


A Planner Tale with a Happy Ending

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I purchased Ann Hood’s latest book. One for my Italian MIL and one for myself…an Italian wife. Indeed.


I arrived at the library at 6:00 Pm. I was there 1 hour earlier than the time designated for the Author event, before any other fool arrived. I had one thing on my mind. Making sure I had a good seat to see and hear Ann Hood, a local Rhode Island author, and whatever words she had to share. I arrived early because, quite honestly, I was excited. I have not been so excited to see an author since I waited in line at the Avon Cinema in Providence to have Ann Rice sign my copy of Interview with the Vampire the year the movie was released. Quite honestly, it may have been The Vampire Lestat, for all I recall. I lost interest in vampires long ago. Needless to say, it’s been a long time and did I mention I was excited?


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