Up. Rise.

Cracked open good, this needed break.At first, we run but can’t escape.Beautiful truth pours down like lightfilters through clouds, brings clear sight. Heaven breaks through sky to the earth,a slow, steady illumination…I was wrong!I could not see… until God in His goodnesswashed over me. Beyond the rage, and hate- outside the cage,I contemplate the waysContinue reading “Up. Rise.”


  When the world clamors loud, we can run to the honesty of nature and trust the quiet communication of a poem. Poetry, photographs, paintings and sculptures- all creative efforts  speak to us in a language all their own. Let’s listen.  

On Friendship and Listening Well (5 Minute Friday-Listen)

I’ve thought about what it means to listen well, often. Probably because it’s something I have had to work on over the years. One might think this listening thing is easy, but I would have to argue against that assumption. Listening requires both selflessness and complete presence of self. Those who learn how to listenContinue reading “On Friendship and Listening Well (5 Minute Friday-Listen)”