All of my Big is God

  Gathering poems, and sharing one of my very favorites. Written about  five years ago, straight outta journaling.  Morning journaling times are the best, yes? OK, may this one bless your socks off…NO, make it your feet. May these words bless your feet off!  This one has a definite beat! Enjoy!

Reading Romans in Reverse and Redirection by God

Here we are at the start of a fresh new week. We are journaling our journey with Jesus and this is a check in point along the path. How goes your journey? Let’s sit for a moment, take a break and check in. Let’s think about some of the things we are hoping to accomplishContinue reading “Reading Romans in Reverse and Redirection by God”

All of my Big is God (RJD December 2014)

    I am doing something I do not normally do here for the Random Journal Day Link up, sharing the morning page from my journal today. Usually I dig out something from the archives. Something not as fresh from the pen, and  heart. But this morning as I enjoyed my usual journal/quiet time, theContinue reading “All of my Big is God (RJD December 2014)”