200 Day Journal- Prompt 73

I am not sure what has brought you here today…here being here to my corner of cyberspace, or here- to this moment of now, however it is currnetly defined in the place you are. Maybe you are looking for something, perhaps you are curious, or maybe you are frustrated with the current state of affairsContinue reading “200 Day Journal- Prompt 73”

200 Day Journal-Prompt 72

As we head into the fifth week of our journaling journey – SEE the layout of the land- and prompts schedule here, I hope you are taking at least a few minutes each day to check in with your journaling practice. Or maybe you need to just schedule some dates with yourself in your plannerContinue reading “200 Day Journal-Prompt 72”

200 Day Journal- Prompt 71

No other word strikes a chord in the heart of humanity as much as the word family. The prompt we are partnering with for today’s journey will lead you down some interesting paths, and hopefully they will be enjoyable ones. However, as always, one man’s pleasure is another man’s pain. So be gentle with yourselfContinue reading “200 Day Journal- Prompt 71”