When I was a Little Girl (Prompt 20/21)

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One. More. Day. Today is day twenty of our journaling journey. I’ve posed a question on my Facebook Page @ Enthusiastically, Dawn.– check it out and let me know your thoughts. Today’s prompt can be a lighthearted look at childhood. If you’re like my hubby, you have so many happy family memories, he always is bringing up moments from the past, and can be quite nostalgic. I have a mixed bag from my past…but that doesn’t mean I can’t look back and find a few rays of sunshine. I know that had I not suffered  many of the things I did, I would not be the same person. I believe we can find something to be thankful for even in a challenging or tragic childhood. I know  I have.


Your Perfect Day (Prompt 14/21)

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“Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”  Jesus


Good Morning, friends! I do love this prompt today and ask you to ponder the possibilities with me of your perfect day! Join me for a short video (@ 6 minutes) over coffee, tea or lemonade, will you?

Remember, you can springboard off of anything you see here, words, image or otherwise…or anywhere at all…no boundaries!


We know nothing of tomorrow; our business is to be good and happy today.     

Sydney Smith



24 Hours with God in History (Prompt 13/21)

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Join in and Journal with me!

I will be doing a live Journal prompt exercise on the 21 Days of Journaling Facebook Group Page tonight at 8 PM Eastern Time. It will remain there to do at your leisure afterwards. Also, no worries if you miss it, I will be aiming for a live Periscope at some point this week. Hoping to create a few shorter videos for You Tube as well…so many things to do, so short these days of Summer.

Enjoy the journey, friends!  More

Rewriting Scripture (Prompt 6/21)

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Well, here it is already 11:05 PM and I am slipping this post in under the wire and thinking how glad I am that you all have the PDF and so it is a lot less stressful knowing you aren’t all waiting for me to throw that prompt out tonight! Sorry for a delayed post today, but tomorrow I will be back to posting by Noon-ish!

Yesterday I had a coffee shop meet up for journaling and decided I would also do a Periscope Journaling event in the evening. I am considering doing this weekly. Perhaps Sunday or Monday night. How would you like a live journaling on the beach time? Or perhaps you might join me via Periscope at one of my favorite secret journal spots for an impromptu journal session! Maybe you’d like to join me for some journaling inspiration and if so, I invite you to follow along! I honestly never know what will be next…but it will be adventurous…possibly silly and definitely enjoyable! My Social Media handles are listed at the end of teach post.


I Fancy a Fairy Tale (Prompt 4/21)

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“Every man’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s fingers” Hans Christian Andersen

Welcome to the weekend and Day 4 of our journey of 21 Days of Journaling in July! I am not going to add video today but I will be sharing preparing a few YT Journaling/Planning videos today if the odds are in my favor! Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, catch or rest up tomorrow and I will see you on Monday for the next series post!

If you have any questions for me on journaling or about this journey you would like me to address on video- I would love to answer you or address your question. Just leave a comment below and I will check it and possibly tackle it on one of my upcoming posts!

Thanks for being here…Life is not always like a fairy tale…BUT, it can be today- enjoy your journaling journey- As you wish!

*A quick update- your PDF printout is missing Prompt 5 in the original format. Pop over here to print out that page to add in if you have printed out the prompts. Otherwise…if you are following online- no worries!


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