A Journal is…

Our Journaling as a Lifestyle continues…and today I ask you to consider what your Journal is to you an d for you. How much more could your journal be to you? What is it you need now? What is calling you? Listen to the whispers…and journal them!

Overcoming The Top Two Fears of Every Journal Keeper (and Writer)

    The page and you have something in common. You both start naked. The stark blank page will soon be filled with a multitude of words. Or, perhaps, doodles depending on how you are feeling. You approach the page with a raw, vulnerable, naked mind but something gets between your naked mind and theContinue reading “Overcoming The Top Two Fears of Every Journal Keeper (and Writer)”

My 5 Best Tips for Journaling (and Life?) w/Giveaway

A journal and the gift of journaling as a regular activity has the power to empower and transform your life!      I have been thinking about communicating what is most significant in my own writing time to help encourage journaling as a lifestyle. Maybe you journal regularly, maybe you are at the place whereContinue reading “My 5 Best Tips for Journaling (and Life?) w/Giveaway”

Read, Pray, Write: On Living a Journaling Lifestyle (Intro)

    Elizabeth Gilbert wrote and published  her bestselling memoir titled Eat, Pray, Love and as one prone to thinking about catchy titles and quotable content, I couldn’t help but ponder how I would encapsulate my journey with journaling in a catchphrase with similar connotations. I like catchy titles. I gravitate towards words that stirContinue reading “Read, Pray, Write: On Living a Journaling Lifestyle (Intro)”