The Power of Words (Prompt 19/21)

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning. John 1:1-2


“Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul. When writers make us shake our heads with the exactness of their prose and their truths, and even make us laugh about ourselves or life, our buoyancy is restored. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again. It’s like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can’t stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship.”  Anne Lamott


Can you believe the 21 Days of Journaling in July is almost finished for 2016? But remember you can get the downloadable PDF for free through the end of this month! Stay tuned for inspiring things here on the blog! Meanwhile, our prompt for today is words. I’ve added some potent quotes at the end of this post, so do NOT miss those!

Happy Journaling!



Second Chances (Prompt 17/21)



Life is a continual journey of second chances, isn’t it? The sun rises, mercies are new and we awake to a new day of opportunity, a fresh start at the doorstep.

Today I offer you a couple of Coffee Shop prompts. Have at them as you will. As always go wherever the muse takes you and feel free to tweak that prompt to suit you …and your muse!


First a word from our sponsor…OK no, it’s just me rockin’ on the patio…chatting at you for 5 minutes on You Tube!


Every Picture Tells A Story (Prompt 16/21)


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photo credit: Mr. Ducke via photopin cc


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s a pretty lofty load of words for one picture don’t you think? But I will say, an image, painting or drawing can certainly stir our thoughts, emotions, and even arouse our physical senses. Perhaps there is some truth in the statement. Let’s explore this idea, shall we? Have you ever had a photo or piece of art inspire your words? Have you ever used and image to spark your creativity while creating, writing a story or poem?

Your weekend inspiration Video (You Tube): 



And your prompt for today:


Literary Love (Prompt 12/21)

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This has got to be one of my favorite prompts, friends! While in Maine for our family vacation I perused my favorite bookstores and shops. I picked up a vintage copy of The Velveteen Rabbit at a used book store.  I already own a beautiful copy but, you know how it goes!

It’s very late, so I will get on with it- Enjoy the process, and do not fret about the prompts you have not gotten to yet…they’ll be there waiting for you in the future.

Now, onto our Literary Love…


One Day Visit (Prompt 10/21)


What they do in heaven we are ignorant of; what they do not do we are told expressly.

– Jonathan Swift

The doctrine of the Kingdom of Heaven, which was the main teaching of Jesus, is certainly one of the most revolutionary doctrines that ever stirred and changed human thought.

– H. G. Wells

He whose head is in heaven need not fear to put his feet into the grave.

– Matthew Henry


Oh, friends, I am writing late tonight adding to this here post and thinking how both painful and poignant this prompt can be.  Not a light one…and my own busy Summer day kept me from posting earlier. Take time for this exercise and prompt. It’s hard, but it will bless you if you are feeling up to it. I say this knowing the pain of recent loss may make this more challenging for some, so please…take the prompt into new realms, or morph it as you will…go back in time if you must…use any of the quotes as springboards to deeper waters.

Trust the journey…

* I did a Periscope his morning (@10minutes) pop on over to watch the replay if that seems good to you. Not mandatory. Just coastal view and beauty and some chattiness from me.


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