Trusting the Journaling Process




It’s late and I am writing right up against the midnight deadline tonight…Happy Day 4 of  Write 31 Days!  More

A Journal is…


Our Journaling as a Lifestyle continues…and today I ask you to consider what your Journal is to you an d for you. How much more could your journal be to you? What is it you need now? What is calling you? Listen to the whispers…and journal them!


All is Calm, All is Bright


photo credit: Airglow via photopin (license)

photo credit: Airglow via photopin (license)



Well…here we are, close to the anticipated Day. It is the most amazing thing to anticipate the coming of a special event or occasion. So much planning, so many details to attend. What ever always goes off perfectly without a hitch? Well, I will tell you…

The eve of the birth of the Christ Child, everything leading up to it…and after – went off exactly as God willed. As was foretold. Messiah. Chosen One. Savior. Let all the earth rejoice and be glad. God’s answer to every problem was wrapped in swaddling clothes, lain in a manger, born to a virgin, and one faithful, humble man. God’s will was not hindered. Not once. Not by, Herod, Joseph, Mary…not by shepherds, or an innkeeper. God’s plan of redemption included each one. Despite the turning of events here or there…God never once was random. Every. Single. Thing. Serves a purpose. His purpose, and will to His glory.

So what is left to say? What is left to grasp?


The Aroma of God’s Love


As a Rose fills a room with its fragrance, so will God’s love fill our lives. 

~Margaret Brownley


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