200 Day Journal Prompt 54/200

New week, new prompts! Mondays are magical in my opinion. We step into a week of fresh possibilities…the magic in Mondays is exactly the magic of renewal, refreshment and restoration. Last week is history and the new week beckons we step forward in faith. I am for that kind of magic, how about you? IContinue reading “200 Day Journal Prompt 54/200”

Have You Ever Seen a Walking Butterfly? Birthday Bundle Giveaway

Yesterday I stated that the best way to celebrate your birthday every day is by giving yourself away. I want to clarify. I’m not talking about selling yourself out, or being taken advantage of in any way- don’t misunderstand. I am talking about being a willing giver. We all have something to give, don’t we?Continue reading “Have You Ever Seen a Walking Butterfly? Birthday Bundle Giveaway”

Oh, The Places We’ll Go! (Prompt 21/21)

  Our final day: 21 Days of Journaling in July ! Our last prompt is one of my favorites…but they are all my favorites. Meanwhile… Please be sure you have taken advantage of the free PDF as I am pulling it down for revision, editing and…more! Oh, and if you have any input -at all- please beContinue reading “Oh, The Places We’ll Go! (Prompt 21/21)”

Second Chances (Prompt 17/21)

  Life is a continual journey of second chances, isn’t it? The sun rises, mercies are new and we awake to a new day of opportunity, a fresh start at the doorstep. Today I offer you a couple of Coffee Shop prompts. Have at them as you will. As always go wherever the muse takesContinue reading “Second Chances (Prompt 17/21)”