Have You Ever Seen a Walking Butterfly? Birthday Bundle Giveaway

Yesterday I stated that the best way to celebrate your birthday every day is by giving yourself away. I want to clarify. I’m not talking about selling yourself out, or being taken advantage of in any way- don’t misunderstand. I am talking about being a willing giver. We all have something to give, don’t we?Continue reading “Have You Ever Seen a Walking Butterfly? Birthday Bundle Giveaway”

Speckled Fawns Artisan Interview and Giveaway with Terri Bradley

      As one who writes daily, I appreciate journal products that inspire and intrigue me. Since I spend much of my time handling journals, as well as notebooks and planners, discovering finely crafted, wonderful to hold, uniquely hand-designed, one of a kind journals is a passion of mine. I believe creativity fuels creativity. OneContinue reading “Speckled Fawns Artisan Interview and Giveaway with Terri Bradley”

Keep Calm and Plan On…

  It would only seem reasonable that I had to write a poem about planning… so this tumbled out of me and found it’s way into my journal during the last week of Planner Boot Camp. I dedicate this to all my Planner Peeps! As we celebrate the end of the 1st Official Planner BootContinue reading “Keep Calm and Plan On…”

Journaling Your Journey and a Journal Giveaway!

    Recently while Journal shopping I stumbled upon a great bargain at Staples and it was so good I felt inspired to share my good fortune with one of you, my faithful writing friends. As you know in June we begin our 21 Days of Journaling in June. Writing has been therapeutic for meContinue reading “Journaling Your Journey and a Journal Giveaway!”