Remembering Your First Journal


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How does one begin a journey? By taking the first step. First steps, those earliest beginnings of what will be, could be. First steps are like possibilities unknown. We take them despite fear, anticipating an unseen outcome. We take them with hope and one at a time. First steps are like the first pages of a journal. Open to possibility.


For My Brethren


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I have been very busy “offline”. I have been writing, revising, gathering, and compiling. I’ve been reading, learning, stretching myself in ways I never imagined. I also feel I have been neglecting some of my longtime, faithful readers – so today before I rush out the door to share my latest poetry with our local writers’ group, I decided to open a journal (this one from January/February) and randomly share a previously unpublished page…which might possibly pass as a poem. Or not…you be the judge.

Either way, nothing will stop my pen from scrawling out words disguised as poetry, or the joy I derive thereof!

Combining National Poetry Month and A spontaneous Random Journal Day moment I give you one,  For My Brethren…and I hope it blesses all who do read. Unedited, from the page. Crazy I am, I know- but I hope you see the seed in it for your own poetry garden! Don’t fear the pen and page…plant a seed or two today.


The God Who Says, “Wake Up!”


I am sharing this post for Random Journal Day this lovely month of October. One of my favorite artist’s work adorns this journal cover thus making it a special joy. Venturing back again, to my early days as a new believer and follower of Jesus. It was definitely and exciting time…one I look back on with great fondness and appreciation to God for His immeasurable mercy and grace. I was full of zeal and it was as if the Lord had opened my eyes, and quickened me with super sensitivity to His voice. Join me as I share a page from my journal…and I invite you to step back in time with me…


A Salute To Me (RJD Link #iamredeemed)


“Nothing else matters so much as being free to reach your dream. The obstacles we overcome are so often within ourselves.”

~ from my journal April 1992

This month for Random Journal Day I am sharing from a journal I rarely look back on. As a matter of fact, you might call this journal a turning point journal. This journal reveals a girl about to come to a crossroads. You might say in Twilight Zone manner, I was about to take a turn down a path I had not anticipated, into the… (enter music).

Many of you know that I was involved in the Fitness Industry for many years as a Personal Trainer and Consultant, but rarely do I like to talk about it. Occasionally I will write about it, but more in an abstract way usually making an analogy of some kind. But the fact remains, many of my “beneath the surface” lessons came while pursuing goals in the physical realm. God continues to use the many experiences I had coaching others and attaining my own goals as a way to elaborate and clarify His purpose for my life, even to this day.

Despite the audacity of my blog post title, and entry, I ask you to bare with me (as well as the pun and bikini clad body- long past, no less) as I share with you a piece of my Redemptive story, walk with me now into my journal and possibly The Twilight Zone…


Days of March


Wednesday night in bed, before falling asleep, I wrote a journal entry which read like a poem to sum up these days of March.

I tweaked it a bit after reading Victoria’s post at dVerse today.  She is asking poets to play with verb usage.

Not sure I hit it, but you can see my effort and original draft below…


Disclosure Policy

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