Transformed By Tough Times by Steve Reed (Interview and Giveaway!)

I jumped at the opportunity to read Transformed by Tough Times and join in with the book tour through Christian Speakers Services. Steve Reed has a message of encouragement that seeks to close the gap between suffering and the Christian experience in a way that has the power to transform lives, attitudes and beliefs… continueContinue reading “Transformed By Tough Times by Steve Reed (Interview and Giveaway!)”

At Which Point God Shows Up For Coffee {Connect}

Well Friends, as you know Friday is the day I write for five minutes for 5 Minute Friday over at Lisa-Jo’s place and I want to invite you there if you have not already ventured on over! I love these prompts and even the five minute limit. Lord knows, I need limits! Well before IContinue reading “At Which Point God Shows Up For Coffee {Connect}”

Looking Back From Monday

OK, so around here on Mondays I serve up a smorgasbord of randoms starting with with Carissa @ Lowercase Letters for Miscellany Monday. Next, I’ll spoon out some creativity or inspiration with Ramona @ Create With Joy’s Inspire Me Monday. Lastly I’ll wrap it all up with sweet gifts of thanksgiving, onward to a journey of 1000 gifts counted withContinue reading “Looking Back From Monday”

Reverse Interview With Marja Meijers

In a strange twist of fate,  I am being interviewed over at Fresh Insights On Ancient Truth today.  So if you can’t get enough of me (um, no gagging, please!)  hop on over to Marja Meijers place.  Marja is a published author and Inspiring Women herself,  so I feel honored that she would consider interviewingContinue reading “Reverse Interview With Marja Meijers”