September’s Laborious Monday {Pass The Smiles, Please}

Pass the Smiley cup, please!I need a Refill!photo credit: Rooey202 via photo pin cc Well, I hope you have all had a wonderful last week of Summer. My dear Hubby was off last week and spent most of the week painting our Girl’s room and new Loft bed, which we had bought at a local consignment shop. Another sacrificialContinue reading “September’s Laborious Monday {Pass The Smiles, Please}”

Stop The Insanity, It’s Monday!

You know things are chaotic when your calendar is upside down! Seriously, that was my desk recently. It’s not better, yet. But I am working on it. It seems when I try to get organized or clean, I tend to make a mess. It just works that way. I kinda ‘splode. Everywhere. Sometimes I findContinue reading “Stop The Insanity, It’s Monday!”

Surfer Girl, Monday!

Well this week has been a great week. Not only did I see my long lost Mainiac BFF twice but I converted her to being …A BLOGGER! Yahoo! I will wait until she gathers her thoughts and situates herself before I ask you to go right over there and encourage her, OK?  So you areContinue reading “Surfer Girl, Monday!”

Santa’s Summer Visit

This past week suddenly felt like Christmas in Summertime.  My daughter has been playing Christmas music.  She said to me one day while riding in the car, “I can’t wait for Christmas.”  I replied, “Why? Snow? Gifts?” “Is it because it’s the birthday of Jesus?”Pause. She said, “Everyone is just happier at Christmas time.”   Aw.Continue reading “Santa’s Summer Visit”