It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Monday!

Photo Credit Hello friends! Ready on your mark, set, Monday! Credit Things have been busy, busy, busy. We have a new President. Oops, no-we don’t but I voted and I hope you did. Let’s be faithful to pray regularly for our country. I felt conviction for not interceding consistently for the bigger issues- like government leaders, ourContinue reading “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Monday!”

Deal Gently With Me, Monday

Photo Credit Happy Monday, Friends! Welcome to my randoms from the past week: Clouds: September 16, 2012 @ Narragansett Beach The heavens declare the glory of God;     the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Day after day they pour forth speech;     night after night they reveal knowledge. They have noContinue reading “Deal Gently With Me, Monday”

"We Really Don’t Have It All Together" Monday!

Photo Credit I want you to watch this video.  After you wipe the tears from your eyes,  you can thank God for grace. If you can’t relate to this at all,  leave your e-mail. I want to talk to you. I cried tears of laughter both times I saw this video. Yesterday at church whenContinue reading “"We Really Don’t Have It All Together" Monday!”

Random Muse Monday {Subliminal Messages}

Photo Credit Well hello, friends. I am feeling extremely random today. There is no telling where we will end up, except there is a slight possibility you will want M&M’s by the end of this Blog visit! Happy Monday. You better have a BIG Cup of Coffee for this one! Some of my randoms for theContinue reading “Random Muse Monday {Subliminal Messages}”