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Hello, Friends. I am cultivating creativity all month in March and maybe beyond. I have enjoyed rummaging through my many paper scraps and am getting organized since my office makeover in January. Since My One Word for the year is Renewal, it is no surprise I’m feeling inspired to make many old things new! Each Monday, I will be sharing a completed projects and joining one of my favorite places in the Blogosphere, Create with Joy for Inspire Me Monday. I hope you will find inspiration when you visit. My inner crafty chick was feeling deprived so I have given her free reign as of late!


Easy and Fun Homemade Stamped Holiday Cards

Well, I am to share a brief post on the joy of making Christmas cards, and to share some tips that make it fun and easy to do, even at the last minute! Also, with the snowflake, theme I used they can easily be New Year or Winter “Hello” cards, if one were, say perhaps, late with their Christmas card list. I love to make cards, but I am not really 100% very artsy or crafty. By this I mean, I don’t sweat the small stuff, minor mistakes, and imperfections that come along with handmade cards. They’re not perfect but they are perfectly done! I made one hundred and two cards this year. It’s not the first year that I have made cards, but it is the first year I made so many, made them alone, and enjoyed every minute of creating these little Christmas joy bringers. At least I hope they are- they were for me! So, I want to tell you, I just used what I had on hand, except that I had to buy envelopes, which I bought through Amazon Prime for a very reasonable price.

Pictured below are the various cards I made. All by whim. I do really enjoy, making some uniquecards, and then doing some assembly line style! The latter way is the best way to go if you want to do a lot, but I did them in November, over the course of 3 or 4 sittings. One could easily do 25-50 in one sitting if you stick with one style and stamp away assembly line style.

As I mentioned I did one at a time for about 30. But the majority I laid out and stamped in lots of 9-12.
I would choose color themes for the night based on my mood, and then stamp away. Please let me know if you have a question about anything I used, which is also grouped in a picture below! I favor this Snowflake stamp set I got through Stampin’ Up, years ago. It is so versatile. Plus, I love snow! I also used some of my Creative Memories punches, and tools. And sparkly fairy dust. One can never have enough sparkle, in my opinion. It’s actually called Glamour Dust by DecoArt. I love sparkles. I also had random pieces of paper and card pieces I implemented.

Some of the cards are very simple, maybe even too so, by some standards. But, each was made with love, fun and my imperfect style! It’s not to late to make a few for the New Year, or one for a special teacher, friend, or loved one.

Except for paper and  a few stamps, this is everything I used.

Well, I still am in the process of prepping them to mail out. 
As I am writing, I have a chance to hold each person up in my heart and to God for prayers and thanksgivings. Soon they will be in the mail and I pray they will be a blessing. 
Do you still send Christmas Cards? 
Do you like to get Christmas Cards in the mail? 
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A Call Out to My Home-schooling Mamas on Monday (Help!)

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This will be the briefest Monday post ever.

Here’s why:

Last week will go down in my personal history as the most radical U-Turn I have ever made. 
My husband and I decided we needed to Home School my daughter.
This story is too long and complicated to get into here.
Suffice it to say, this is our decision and her desire.
We did Home School for one year – Kindergarten. I loved it and used My Father’s World curriculum. But 7th grade is a whole different BEAST. This mom is a little ….
shh, lean in, will you?

We like to put our communication in writing in this family.
This was Katherine’s signed document. She asked me to tell her my objections and concerns, after which, she carefully addressed in writing each one as well as a commitment to uphold the appropriate expectation. We will be doing a Parents version this week. 

This caused me to panic at first since I really had a lot of plans, including getting into this neglected room and working on a few writing and craft projects. 
Apparently panic helps me to get organized. 
By Monday we could find the floor!
Yay, me!

So this week I am asking you to give me your best Home School advice, tip and/or favorite helpful link
If you never have Home- Schooled before, just say a quick prayer for my girl and me as we attempt our second week. And send your friends who Home-School right over here to HELP me!

Although this was an abrupt decision, God blessed us with many wonderful gifts this week.

377. Curriculum freely given for Math, Science, English/Lit, Grammar.
378. A gifted membership to our local Home School Group
379. The ability to jump right in and start working 
380. Our History choice available at a local library, including: book, teachers book and activity guide
381. Lots of library time 
382. A freezing beach walk with friends
383. Starbucks on Sunday after church just because
384. Solid support from new friends and old
385. the way God allows new friendships to be birthed in times of need
386. Realization that some people will not understand or support our decision
387. Peace knowing it’s none of the business of #386 what we do, anyway.
388. God’s faithfulness

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There’s No Place Like Home…on Monday!

Photo Credit
A week full of blessing and  lessons 
while walking with the Savior!
My usual random Monday post. 
So, grab your coffee or tea and I’ll catch you up!
Monday, I headed to Providence.
I had a visit with this lovely lady!
Sharon is the creator of Janes 
(patient examination gowns (superior to a “Johnny”) for women!
She is also one of the amazing women in my Inspiring Women series.
Click to read more about Sharon Linder and Janes!

Monday was a very special time visiting old friends 
who are more like family. Sweet Sharon and I enjoyed 
catching up but seeing her daughter Olivia was an additional blessing. I am still smiling
 at the memory of seeing her in a baby carrier with those big blue eyes and gorgeous 
lashes blinking up at me many years ago and now the delightful young woman she is today.
Wow, I am getting old. Thanks, Olivia! 

Banjo got the December spot in the Friends of the Exeter Animals Calendar 
and sends a paw shake of thanks to all of you who voted as well as
 liked the page for this great local shelter.
We couldn’t be happier. We love our rescue puppy-
even though he did end up coming all the way from Arkansas!

We watched a couple of family movies this weekend. 
I love the slapstick silliness and craziness
of Home Alone- one of My Girl’s favorite since the early years. 
We wrapped up Sunday night with 
The Wizard of Oz and I realized I have not watched it in a long time! 
Of course, we made popcorn.

I went ahead and ordered Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “God In The Manger” 
after my friend Shanyn mentioned it in Facebook conversation! 
I am looking forward to receiving it this week and will tell you all about it ASAP!

Hubs and I are guilty of sometimes taking one another for granted. 
When this happens what I usually do is not make him coffee or lunch to remind him of how reliant he is on me. What he usually does is…um, nothing…or worse- he will do something I didn’t get to in the house in an attempt to help! Yeah that’s the point, I’m a jerk! 
Seriously, we rarely fight but we also rarely get out. 
So…we had ourselves a coffee date while our daughter and her friend saw a movie.
(It was a too many movies weekend in my opinion).
It gave us a chance to talk and for fun I said let’s make Christmas List’s of things we want IF we could have whatever we wanted. Even though we know that we will not get them but just to kind of see what comes out. He asked me to clarify. I said  the sky is the limit. 
I had a couple of reasons for wanting to do this, of course.
One being, my hubs does not ask for much. 
I wanted to give him permission to really have a go at it and also see what he might want that we could actually give him this year.Well, oddly I came up with things that he said were practical and possible but his list was more, well…less possible, but revealing as well. Most of my list things were the same old things that I always want…a journal is always on my list. But a house that “stays clean” made it’s way to a top spot. 

Last but not least since it has been a too many movies weekend I have to tell you I am a BIG fan of the Lord of The Rings films and am looking forward to the release of The Hobbit
Counting down to December 14th!

337. the surprise of my own audacity!
338. three praying moms, Jesus around us
339. Coffee date with my better half; the simple joy of 

the mundane planned somewhere else.
340. A turkey bought at 69 cents a pound-
 whoohoo for a giant sized bargain!

Rejoicing in His grace with a thankful heart
 all week and season long!
Join me?
Wishing you all a wonderful week full of thanksgivings!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Monday!

Photo Credit

Hello friends!
Ready on your mark, set, Monday!

Things have been busy, busy, busy.
We have a new President. Oops, no-we don’t but I voted and I hope you did. Let’s be faithful to pray regularly for our country. I felt conviction for not interceding consistently for the bigger issues- like government leaders, our country and the state this past year so I think that I will be seeking God about how  he wants me to include these in my regular time of prayer. 

This week I have a special guest post from a dearly loved Christian brother (and fellow LOTR fan I might add!) coming at you and hope you will keep your eyes peeled later in the week for it.
He is pictured above with his beautiful family.
For more about Lee, check out my Faith tab, where he shares his testimony.

I squeezed into my first Ornament Exchange via Amy at One Artsy Mama!
SO excited about this- I will share about this adventure in a future post.
I can’t wait to pick out an ornament for my partner.
I also think it would be fun to do a Yankee Swap
with ornaments for our church small group!

Seriously addicted to this particular study!
Third time going through it and it still offers more depth and blesses me to the core of my being.
Bible Gateway offers the 40 day free e-mails and at this point I really want to buy the book and/or do another study in the series. Bonhoeffer’s insights challenge and inspire me.
Grateful to Bible Gateway for making this available (repeatedly)!
The sign up for the 40 Day e-mail series
can be found here: 
Here are a couple of pictures from the coast of Narragansett, Rhode Island
from my life, living as a local tourist. I got down to the beach to assess the damages for myself…
These pictures were from November 9, this past Friday while walking in the chilly air with my partner in exploration and adventure, Jen (more on her later).
South Parking lot – Narragansett Town Beach

South Parking lot – Narragansett Town Beach

Sea Wall

One thing you must know
(that you don’t really care to know but
 I am compelled to tell you anyway)
is that I love this vest.
I have had it for a long time.
That’s all I am saying.
If you missed my post over at 5 Minutes for Faith yesterday,
would you go on over and check it out?
You might want to have a cup of “Wake-Up” 
and head over there, right now!
Um…pretty please?
I tackle spiritual complacency with 
some help from Matthew West

Last but not least here is my dear friend, Jen. She is an amazing chick.
You can find her here because in real life she is a Jen of All Trades!
Please feel free to go right over and like her page. Thank you.
Not only are we friends, but we have a mutually active bless each other friendship.
I bless her with butt kicking workouts and help her to stay active
 and she blesses me (and my family) by helping me  keep up with my housework!
(You realize that I am ever so slightly domestically challenged, right?)
You need to have a friend and friendship like this (sorry, I have dibs on Jen).
SO figure out who and how and bless one another!
You already know someone who is good at something you stink at.
So work it out and be mutually blessed.
Jen doesn’t know it yet, but I have some secret plans for our New Year exercise “regime”.

331. The right and freedom to vote
332. AN amazing message by our visiting missionary from France
333. Teachers who get it
334. God’s ways (don’t understand but recognize their perfection)
335. How God can use so many little things to bless and teach me and others
336. Poetry overflowing from within lately- I go with the flow

Have a wonderful week!

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