We Are Works In Progress (Our Creativity Center/Main Homeschool Room)

Welcome to our Homeschool Room for the 8th grade. This room serves as a general Creativity Center. Home Office. Scrapbook Room. Blogging Station. You name it and it probably happens here. All kinds of good stuff happens in this room. FYI, it never stays this neat. I mean really, creativity is a messy process. But,Continue reading “We Are Works In Progress (Our Creativity Center/Main Homeschool Room)”

Our Homeschool Plan for 8th Grade

Well, it’s almost time for School to start, and this year includes a full PLANNED year of Homeschool for this mom. I have set all else aside for this season (however brief) and am trusting God to do great things. Our history with homeschool is short. I did homeschool my girl at the beginning withContinue reading “Our Homeschool Plan for 8th Grade”