ICAD Update

Continuing with the ICAD Challenge with Daisy Yellow and all of the wonderfully creatives who are participating…Days 10- 20. I have been experimenting with paint, although my favorite  creative endeavor is collage. Having fun with all of this, and look forward to treating myself to my very first canvas at the end of the challenge! I lovedContinue reading “ICAD Update”

Discovering Zentangle (Rediscovering My Inner Doodler)

OK, so this morning I was perusing my Blog Feed when I popped on over to Beverly’s’s Place who happens to be participating in the ICAD Challenge along with me and many others. Well she shared something called “Zentangle” which I decided to try. Since it was a rainy day here, in The Ocean State,Continue reading “Discovering Zentangle (Rediscovering My Inner Doodler)”

What’s an ICAD? (Glad You Asked!)

  Well friends, in case you did not know, I am participating in my very first ICAD challenge.  What’s an ICAD challenge you wonder? Well a wonderfully artsy kinda gal named Tammy has a place called Daisy Yellow, and all these other artsy (and otherwise, like yours truly) peeps create a little piece of artworkContinue reading “What’s an ICAD? (Glad You Asked!)”

Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)

The Index Card a Day Challenge goes for 61 days  and is hosted by Daisy Yellow! Icard…it’s like an iPod only…um, different. Yeah, different! Anyway it’s ICAD not Icard! Friends I am here to share my latest, greatest adventure. I was strongly wanting to stretch myself artistically…meaning just squeeze creativity back into my list ofContinue reading “Getting My Creativity On! (ICAD 2013)”