The ABC’s of Love (Part 2)

Stay tuned for the Real Secret to a happy marriage- at the end! The idea of an ABC album is such a fun and easy thing to do as a special gift of encouragement as well as a great reminder years after it has been given! It can be as simple as you want it or moreContinue reading “The ABC’s of Love (Part 2)”

The Top Ten Reasons My Husband Is Awesome

Photographer: Adrienne Labonte The main reason I have challenged myself to write a top ten bulleted list of why my husband is so awesome is because he skims my exceedingly long posts (he semi-admitted this fact…after I quizzed him)! OK, he won’t admit it outright but I, his discerning wife, can wheedle out of himContinue reading “The Top Ten Reasons My Husband Is Awesome”