Ironing Not Required or The Me I Long To Be


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I stand before twenty-two of my husband’s  button down, collared shirts this morning and am considering taking on a task I have long avoided. As a self-confessed domestically challenged diva I wholeheartedly embrace reality. But reality is, I love my man, and certainly want to be a blessing…maybe even do the thing I despise most. After toilet bowl scouring, spider killing, cooking, dusting, floor washing…oh hey, wait…the list is too long. Stay with me-back to ironing.

You could say,  ironing and me go together like…oil and vinegar.

BUT, as  one who believes old dogs can learn new  tricks and miracles still happen, I will share with you this  post about my domestically challenged life and how God is still working on me in this area, on the OTHER side of fifty.


Hope you enjoy this little re-post from 2014…and the invitation at the end.


The Desperate Homemaker’s Epiphany

noun, plural e·piph·a·nies.

~ a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality oressential meaning of something, usually initiated by somesimple, homely, 
or commonplace occurrence or experience.

There I was at the sink again. 
Looking out the window I squint, spying the bird-feeder.
 Birds and squirrels crowd the sectioned off flower and rock garden 
we’ve created as a meeting place for our feathered and furry friends. 
The sink is filled with dirty dishes, again. 
Sometimes I really miss our dishwasher. 
Not that we don’t have one. It is in the basement. 
It’s been there since our move 4 years ago. 
But, I stare into that pile of dirty dishes and I know God has a message for me.
 Not that I am sure I want to hear it. 
Because in actuality, I have not even had a cup of coffee yet.
 But sometimes He, catches me when I am ready and unaware of it. 
He finds me in my unguarded moment and whispers deep truths to me. 
He extends His neck, reaching long and places nourishment into my hungry soul. 
Just like that Mama bird I saw in the Holly Bush stretching 
out her neck to insert the seed into the baby bird’s mouth. 
She flies back and forth from the feeder to the bird in the bush, 
showing Him how it’s done and soon He will be satisfied, 
and strong enough to fly to the feeder himself. 
But the Mama meets that baby bird right where he is. 
What a picture of our gracious God. 
So, I stand in the kitchen and ponder how a sink full of dirty dishes can bring forth holiness in me.
 If I can see with different eyes. 
If I can acknowledge the blessing.
 Lord, can my Quiet Time be here, now?
 You are here with me as I sink arm deep into the sudsy water of this sink,staring out at the birds and pondering your sweet provision, grace and truth. 

Perhaps, maybe right here, 
right now, my Maker is transforming me. 
Friends, so often I joke about my lack as a homemaker.
 Today, as I looked out at the birds, God corrected me. 
He wanted to give me new vision.
None of us needs to be perfect. 
If we can just allow our gracious God to meet us where we’re at.
Little by little he’ll bring us there.
And soon we’ll be flying off to greater heights.
Always under His watchful eye and care.

“Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, 
careless in the care of God.”
Matthew 6:26 
(The Message)

Today instead of proclaiming my lack, I will stand firm in His provision, power and grace.
Will you join me, dear one?
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