Our Sonlight Big Box Day (A Glimpse into Our Homeschool Plans 2013)

Well, our curriculum arrived while we were vacationing in Maine this year. It sat and waited for us to celebrate it’s arrival. It had to wait for just the right time… Finally, on a Monday morning we tore into that box first thing. We are using Core W from Sonlight. My daughter is especially looking forwardContinue reading “Our Sonlight Big Box Day (A Glimpse into Our Homeschool Plans 2013)”

Our Homeschool Plan for 8th Grade

Well, it’s almost time for School to start, and this year includes a full PLANNED year of Homeschool for this mom. I have set all else aside for this season (however brief) and am trusting God to do great things. Our history with homeschool is short. I did homeschool my girl at the beginning withContinue reading “Our Homeschool Plan for 8th Grade”

Man Plans, God Laughs on Monday!

Nobody is more motivated than you, nobody loves your child more than you do, nobody has [a greater] desire for your child to succeed than you.  ~Krisa Winn on Home-Schooling.  I loved stumbling upon the quote above this week, and am making it my Home School theme quote. The past week has been full, of graces,Continue reading “Man Plans, God Laughs on Monday!”