The Final Countdown (#31 days Challenge)

Credit  Congratulations! Here we are in the final week of October. Our 31 Day challenge is almost through…Here is what the final days (so dramatic!) look like: Core and More  Day 28 Lunge, Plank, Pushup 1-3 x 25/60sec/25 Week 5 Exercise Day 29 Sit  Up, Wall Sit, Superman 1-3 x 25/60sec/25 Day 30 Off DayContinue reading “The Final Countdown (#31 days Challenge)”

Confessions from the Couch (and Your Upcoming Week)

Credit Well, my Dahlings, look how far we have come together! We are going into Week 4 of our Fitting in Fitness Challenge and let me tell you, I am feeling my inner child continue to rebel. I have to tell the truth, I skipped yesterday, because I knew today was off and I figuredContinue reading “Confessions from the Couch (and Your Upcoming Week)”

Gaining A Clear Perspective

Credit It’s October. You have been planning your Fall schedule and considering the busy days ahead.  How do you see exercise fitting into this schedule?  I want to help you see EXERCISE differently because that will be the key to your success.  ex·er·cise   [ek-ser-sahyz]  (Online Dictionary)  noun 1. bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sakeContinue reading “Gaining A Clear Perspective”

Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)

 If you could write out your perfect day, what would it include? Would your ideal itinerary include activity, or is taking care of your physical health and mental well being so far down the To Do List that it’s hard to imagine what that would even look like? Well, I am here to support you along your journey to a balanced, healthy state ofContinue reading “Your Perfect Day (Weekend Writing Exercise)”