Winning the Weigh-In War

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. (Psalm 45:11) How is it that this one device should hold so much power over us? How could it be that we live in days when identity should be in a number  on a scale or instead of the integrity of the heart?  I have asked theseContinue reading “Winning the Weigh-In War”

My Perfect Day…(and Your Upcoming Week)

credit I am joining in on the exercise I imposed on you all, in yesterday’s post. I hope you don’t mind that I actually went a bit out on a limb. This is what happens when I write; I never know where it will lead. I would love to hear what your perfect day wouldContinue reading “My Perfect Day…(and Your Upcoming Week)”

Monday Meditation: You Are More Than A Body Full Of Bones

 Credit Have you ever stumbled upon something so beautiful and perfect that it caused you to stop what you were doing and change the course of your plans? It happened to me today while I was seeking a photo via Photopin for the post I was to share with you all today. It is aContinue reading “Monday Meditation: You Are More Than A Body Full Of Bones”

Check In and Fitness Journal (Week 1)

So is anyone on the planet actually doing this Challenge with me? Anyone at all? I have gotten requests for the printout to be sent through e-mail and Scribd has lots of views…but are they all just me? HA! Well, I hope you ARE doing this challenge, and if not, you better give me aContinue reading “Check In and Fitness Journal (Week 1)”