Blind-spots (5 Minute Friday: See)

Well, it is time for 5 Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama, herself, Lisa -Jo Baker. Jumping back in for the first time in 2014- I missed the first gathering of this year because each First Friday of the month Recovering Church Lady and I host our own small gathering of writing friends calledContinue reading “Blind-spots (5 Minute Friday: See)”

Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)

You look, and see with your eyes. But I know One who sees beyond the visible. You listen and hear through your desires, agendas, needs… like a hungry baby without wisdom, only tears and giggles and moments. But I know One who hears my heart cries, knows the inner workings  of my very soul andContinue reading “Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)”