The Visit (5 Minute Friday)


What do you desire,
but this one, specific thing?
That which lies within 
will make your heart sing…
It is in the desire
to feel the presence near
of those we love and who love us
and all we hold dear
I long for you to stay
and spend some time alone
not distracted by your thoughts
or with your fancy phone
Not making your to do list
or dishing out demands
But with an open heart 
that yields to my commands
The one that sits and visits
will know me very well
I promise to reveal myself 
John 14:21 does tell
Whom receives my instruction
sees the Son of Man
In the stillness, sees me
and my Fathers Mighty hand. 
Poetry is my default! Join us at Lisa Jo’s where we write for 5 minutes on Friday, and sometimes Thursday, but last night I hit the hay at 9 PM, folks! 
Five Minute Friday

Blind-spots (5 Minute Friday: See)

Well, it is time for 5 Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama, herself, Lisa -Jo Baker. Jumping back in for the first time in 2014- I missed the first gathering of this year because each First Friday of the month Recovering Church Lady and I host our own small gathering of writing friends called Random Journal Day! Feeling a little rusty, but here we go…the prompt is SEE:

I’m barely awake, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I’ve been wondering lately what it is I need to see that I’m not seeing. What is it, Lord, that I’m missing. What do I need to learn that I’m not getting?
But, I do believe I am starting to see.
Because, everyone has blind-spots.
I don’t deny that I have mine.
Spiritual scars, scratches, and pits remain on the surface, yet still, I cling to my own understanding.
How long will it take to shed this skin?
How long before I really see?

I keep rolling around in circles…
Yet, I have access to the One who made blind men see.
I long for it to be me.
Feel free to rub the sleep out of your own eyes, and join in-
see you there!
Five Minute Friday

Is God Lonely?

Loneliness is defined as a sadness caused by the lack of company or friends. But have you ever felt lonely in the company of many? I guess I have always thought of loneliness as a kind of disconnect more than an absence of others. I think I have felt lonely in a congregation of many. Or is there a different name for that kind of lonely? I have felt lonely when those around me don’t understand or share my passion for the things of God, but I wonder, does God get lonely? He who sees all, knows all. Knew that every single one would abandon Him. Was He lonely when each looked around the table saying, “Surely, it is not I Lord.” And He knew who it would be but that each would be guilty of turning away. But in love He saw past all of it onto the new dawn. Is God lonely, when we choose the lesser things to satisfy our longings, instead of Him? When we gorge ourselves with idols, like children with candy, stuffing forbidden sweets into our emptiness, believing we will be satisfied. But more is never enough to fill that desire. Is He lonely when He knows that He is the satisfaction we long for yet we settle for so much less? I don’t know the answer but I know He will satisfy you and I the minute we turn from that which is temporal, look up, and cry out “Abba!” He will never leave us lonely. 
Oh my! How did Friday happen so quick? Well it is that time where we write for 5 and share, visit and enjoy…you never know where that 5 minutes of writing will lead. It’s a beautiful freedom and gift. Try it? Or join in! I will pop by and visit you back instead of commenting here, OK?

Happy last day of Shark Week!

Five Minute Friday
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Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)

You look, and see with your eyes.
But I know One who sees beyond
the visible.
You listen and hear through your desires,
like a hungry baby
without wisdom,
only tears and giggles and moments.
But I know One
who hears my heart cries,
knows the inner workings 
of my very soul and spirit…
You touch- reaching out for more, more, more-
ever grasping,
never content
rough- taking,
never satisfied with more…
But I know One who satisfies the ever longing
completes to the uttermost
upholds with the Everlasting Arms.
We long to fly
rise from our brokenness.
I know the One who heals, 
gives wings,
fills in the broken places
with grace and truth and love.
Linking with Lisa Jo over at her Facebook Page tonight for 5 Minute Friday! 
Hey we just roll with it, friends! Come on by!
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Where My Heart Belongs (5 Minute Friday: Belong)

This sweet gift was outside the door at our vacation cabin in Maine.

Well, Ann Voskamp is hosting Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5 Minute Friday this week, and we are all excited with this sweet surprise.
So, join us and write your heart out for 5 minutes. 
Ann chose the prompt, “Belong”
It’s funny, I was just thinking I was invisible. So often I feel I don’t belong. I mean I do belong. Here, right? I mean, after all He put me here…in this place, at this time, gave me the desires of my heart. Yet it still creeps right in to my stream of conscience. That voice. It’s alien, yet clear. “You don’t really belong.” My mind reels. I reject it. Taking that thought captive to the obedience of His great, unfathomable love. For me. Sometimes I don’t feel like I belong. Heck, most times. But I do, belong. We all belong. To Him who belongs to we who believe. To  all…Oh, but I long to know it through me. Like an inside out hug. All the way through, I long to belong. 
Five Minute Friday

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