Your Social Media Diet (How’s That Working For You?)


If you’re like me (if you’re here- you are), you like your share of social media. However, if you really are like me (stop resisiting the admission), you will admit, that sometimes you overindulge.

The question is: how can we have our Social Media cake and eat it too?

Well, I have been contemplating this question, long and hard, between status updates, tweets, YouTube clips and Instagram moments, of course…and I think I have a few snippets of really useful  somewhat practical tips to share.

We must admit we are powerless….

Wait, no. What I mean is, we must take hold of our Social Media behavior by the only thing it understands and responds to: Self-Control. Wait, don’t click away…hear me out!

Grab your calendar, or the three of them if you have ADHD (like me). Now, write down the things that you know must ge done and the places you know you need to be. It’s Sunday or Monday, depending when this posts, so go ahead and look at the week ahead. Take that pencil and whatever needs to get done, at this point, gets written down. OK, I’m waiting.

Kids appointmenets, your haircut, the grocery shopping, dinner preparation, housework etc.

Now, those things that you also need to do concerning work, blogging, additional writing or creating.

Any other committments for church, friends and families birthdays, Sherlock etc. (or Downtown Abby, I suppose). If you’re like me it’s Sherlock, Baby!

OK, now…

Portion your allowable Time Blocks for Social Media and commit to ONLY partake of SM interaction at the designated times. Just as an exercise or nutrition plan has specific components and portions, so do our Social Media diets! But, let’s use a user friendly term, Social Media plan of action.

If you’re like me (give it up already, YOU ARE!), then you sometimes occasionally frequently get sidetracked by Social Media interaction. Remember, all things are acceptable (for legalists) but not always beneficial (all is filtered by grace and wisdom)…

So, what does one do?

Determine the details and  portion it out across the week. How often, How much, How long.
Ask yourself,  when will you allow yourself to use Social Media and the parimeters to which you want to adhere, just as if you were on a strict but wonderful (HA!) diet   Nutritional Plan. So, perhaps you want to be on Social Media twice a day. Choose the times, and add them into your calendar. If you have SM apps on your phone you will need an extra measure of self-contol or just elimate them until you are feeling empowered to “just say no!”

A Social Media diet, puts you in the driver’s seat. It is better than a complete fast if you want to continue sharing blog posts, pictures and also staying connected to certain friends and groups.

So, repeat after me, “My name is (your name in blank) __________________.”

Hi, __________________________.

In real life I am always trying to balance my in person, and online life. If you’re like me, you are too. I’m here for you. Well, in a portioned kind of way.

What do you think? Are you in need of a Social Media Diet? How can you plan your time in a way that helps you feel good about your choices with Social Media. Let’s encourage and support one another! Do you have an idea or tip that helped you use more self control with your SM interaction? Please share in the comments! 

For those of you who are like me, you proabably contemplate things a lot, and then come up with really snarky status updates and tweets while you are driving or in the shower. Sometimes you even dream in live streamed, edited video clips. Occasionally you come up with a ridiculous blog post masquerading as useful, when in reality is just one, incredibly silly endeavor. For no good reasun except…you can.

Happy Monday, Friends! May your week be full of tweet worthy moments, blessed status updates and picyure worthy instagram moments…of which you have the good sense to share or NOT share with discernment, sensitivity, and good humor.

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Motherhood: Gavel or Grace


But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” ~James 4:6
My cell phone rings from the bedside table, morning still has not peeked in through the blinds yet. I reach  into the dark, pressing the phone to me ear.
“Yes?” I reply, knowing who is on the other end of the ring.
“I just wanted to let you know it’s icy, and to be careful. I don’t want you to fall when you take the dog out.”
I am almost 50 years old, she’s 71. Actually, today, at this writing is her 71st birthday. Yet, here we are connected by a phone call. One in a continuum of calls made that sound similar. Warnings. Advice. Newsworthy tidbits. Concerns. Outright worry.
When does one stop mothering?
We have shared a lifetime of bittersweet and beloved moments, yet here she is still mothering me. Because that’s what mothers do. We can’t help it.
 She’s never believed she was a good mom. She worked two jobs, a single mom. She did the best she could, and yet, somehow felt it was never enough. Because that’s what moms feel. Like it’s never enough. Never right. Somehow incomplete.
Who can measure the circumstances that God allows and determine the way perfectly? Who guarantees outcomes? 

Who holds the gavel to motherhood?
How moms want to extol their children, raise them high on pedestals, when they do well.
But, what when a mom has parented, loved, and done the best she could, the best she knows to do, and is met with pain, grief, heartache, betrayal or rebellion?
Do you, Mother, slam the gavel down on the bench and judge or take her into your arms and remind her that He is the only one who holds the gavel. 
Do you remind her that she is loved; beloved, despite her daily failings. 
Beyond the disappointments of her own childhood needs unmet, yet still she is upheld. 
 He alone promises to lead those with young. Do you remind her that whether her children are well behaved, good students or great athletes is really not all to her credit? Not that it is wrong to be proud of our children’s accomplishments, but perspective is needed. Clarity, sensitivity and discernment is needed in how we see and express ourselves with regard to these things. 
What then do you say to the mom, who is struggling with a special needs child or child who rebels? Do you analyze and compare? Do you assume you did a better job at your mothering because your children happen to fare well in the confines of society? Oh, you might not say it out loud, but is it implied? Do you think it?
What grace then, to the mother who is unavailable, negligent, unknown to herself and others, a victim of her own lack of nurturing in childhood? 
Will you choose the gavel or grace for your own imperfect mother, the imperfect mother you are and for all of the other moms who cross your path?
But he gives us more grace…
Lord, this journey of motherhood is beyond me. You show me again and again how much more I need to depend on your grace, instead of my own limited understanding. I need to do this for myself as a mom, and I need to be gracious with other moms, not assuming anything. Because, you alone know the  unique struggles within our souls. Lord, keep me from making snap judgments and conclusions based on what I see in others, in their mothering. Only you know the hidden and secret things- You alone will bring all to light in your time. Let me instead be a shoulder to a despairing mom, an encouraging word to a weary mom, and a present grace in a time of trouble for hopeless mom and a light shining you to a mom who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, right now. Remind me, I have no idea the hard battles that another might have overcome or currently be enduring. Let me be gracious, for you, Lord are gracious to me. Thank you that no matter who judges, or rejects me, You call me your own. That no matter how many times I mess up, you clean me up, and set me straight. Thank you that I am loved by You, and your desire is for me. I am your beloved. 
I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.Song of  Solomon 7:10

Up Close and Personal on Monday (The Multitudes)

It is Monday, in which I continue to count my multitudes of blessings, with Ann and the multitudes of bloggers who join in this glorious adventure. I keep one here in the bloggy world and a paper version
in the real world. I am on #1069 in my paper journal and continue from #482 here, today, in the Blogosphere.

483. Walking into my Sunday School Room and finding the that some “Church Elves” had stocked and organized my draws, and made my classroom a blessing to start fresh for teaching this year. This very overwhelmed New Homeschooling Mama almost cried with joy since she did not manage the time to do it yet! Check that off my list and grateful, blessed start to my Sunday and New “School” year!

484. The return of my Sunday School Helper. I missed her! Nice to have her in class with me again!

485. The preaching of God’s Word by my Pastor. Grateful for Him and His teaching.

486. Unexpected fun at Ladies Breakfast at church. Makeup application will never be seen in the same way again.

487. 20 minutes of beach time with my bestie. Sitting in the sand after church breakfast chatting up a storm, about hard things, real and honest because that’s what friends do.

488. A great first week of Homeschool.

489. The Voice Teacher speaking to my Girl, making THE difference.

490. Beach late Sunday afternoon, with another friend…because there is never a day where the beach should be missed when one lives THIS close.

491. Hubs whipping up cookies, like “SNAP”, because I was craving a little sweetness.

492. Grace. Because I need it, rely on it and am learning to live by it. All praise to Jesus, who is the bringer of Grace.

493. Grace.
Because it deserves a space all it’s own?

494. Conquering my Homemaking fears, one dustball at a time.

495. That there really is enough time for everything that needs to get done and it is really ok to rest my head on the pillow at the end of the day, trusting it is enough. That time pressure is not really of Him.
I can choose peace, and rest. Liberating truth. Life is not a race. (that could be a whole post, so I will stop here).

496. Chocolates from Sweenor’s that I received this weekend. Um…YUM!

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He. Changed. Me.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8
As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient. All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our sinful nature and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature objects of wrath.  
Who I was
(am apart from Christ’s transforming love, grace and mercy)
driven, a slave to sin, argumentative, ungrateful, selfish, murderer, promiscuous, unfaithful, slanderer, gossip, fool, arrogant, liar, self-righteous, proud, self-focused, self centered, full of selfish ambition, manipulative, angry, hateful, blind, insecure, mean-spirited, impulsive, opportunist, insensitive, discontent, never satisfied, hopeless, fiercely competitive, ignorant, cheat, deceitful, shame-filled, secretive, limited (conditional) love, spiritually dead. 
But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved. And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.
Who I am 
(in Christ – am being conformed and transformed into)
holy, beloved, righteous, redeemed, forgiven, set apart, saint, child of The One True Living God, free,
spiritually alive, saved from the power of sin and death, heaven bound, victorious, precious in His sight, called, conformed to His image, complete, faithful, self-controlled, Spirit-filled, wise, humble, healed, blood bought, yielded and willing to yield, able to truly love unconditionally, kind, compassionate, sensitive to others, hopeful, thankful, with understanding, gracious, peaceful, unashamed, transparent, patient, Christ/God centered and focused. 

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Therefore, remember that formerly you who are Gentiles by birth and called “uncircumcised” by those who call themselves “the circumcision” (that done in the body by the hands of men)—remember that at that time you were separate from Christ, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.

For he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by abolishing in his flesh the law with its commandments and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace, and in this one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hostility. He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

Ephesians Chapter 2

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The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo {Giveaway}

This is a fun Giveaway for all of you Moms who long to see your precious little girls grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!
This beautiful book by Dannah Gresh (with Janet Mylin) is stock full of fun devotions -365 to be exact- for you to curl up and share with your girl (s). I love the Girl Gab sections which have some fun topics for conversation, activities and random fun for connecting. 
If you are looking for a fun devotional book to share with your young lady I know you will love 
Can you think of someone you know who would love this book?
Would you love it for yourself?

The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo is designed to be used by a mother and her tween daughter; both can read and understand the same devotion and share in the “girl gab” section to discuss their understanding of Scripture and their relationship with God. The devotion will strengthen mother-daughter relationships as well as their relationships with God. Topics for the devotions are centered around issues that the best-selling author, Dannah Gresh is known for addressing through her books and mother-daughter conferences. Topics include modesty, purity, self-esteem, handling emotions, witnessing, living the faith. 

Check out more about Dannah at 
her web site Pure Freedom

*I was not compensated for this endorsement although I did receive the book in a giveaway.
I am paying it forward and praying it is a blessing to the recipient as I have received many blessings
through similar giveaways!

To enter for a chance to win this book:
Just Leave A Comment! 
Tell me who you would 
want to share/gift this devotional in the comments.

Pass along the blessing via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever way you want!
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I will announce a winner on September 24th!
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