The Profundity of God

Credit I’m smiling at the absurdity, perfection and beauty of it all… I returned home from church this morning with a headache and decided to lay down. The week has had it’s ups and downs, and still how the simplest things can bring forth wonder, joy and reverence. I show up at church looking forwardContinue reading “The Profundity of God”

Confessions of a Reluctant Sunday School Teacher

I never thought of myself as a Sunday School Teacher. Actually although I enjoy working with kids, and can fully dive right into their joy and frustration, I never would have ever asked to be that. One. Title. Youth volunteer, chaperon, Children’s Church Teacher/Helper, VBS teacher and  helper all are options and I have been…justContinue reading “Confessions of a Reluctant Sunday School Teacher”

Crickets In The Loft {Guest Post by Lee Boardway}

Photo Credit                                                                                     Throughout our lives, we make an effort to keep our mindsContinue reading “Crickets In The Loft {Guest Post by Lee Boardway}”