The Profundity of God

Credit I’m smiling at the absurdity, perfection and beauty of it all… I returned home from church this morning with a headache and decided to lay down. The week has had it’s ups and downs, and still how the simplest things can bring forth wonder, joy and reverence. I show up at church looking forwardContinue reading “The Profundity of God”

Confessions of a Reluctant Sunday School Teacher

I never thought of myself as a Sunday School Teacher. Actually although I enjoy working with kids, and can fully dive right into their joy and frustration, I never would have ever asked to be that. One. Title. Youth volunteer, chaperon, Children’s Church Teacher/Helper, VBS teacher and  helper all are options and I have been…justContinue reading “Confessions of a Reluctant Sunday School Teacher”

Crickets In The Loft {Guest Post by Lee Boardway}

Photo Credit                                                                                     Throughout our lives, we make an effort to keep our mindsContinue reading “Crickets In The Loft {Guest Post by Lee Boardway}”

Disentangling From The Octopus-Part 1 {Faith Life Preservers Day 26}

Credit I have been considering the things that have held me back or caused me to stumble in my own Christian walk. Ironically, I recognize as perhaps you do that some of my biggest mistakes and falls have also been times of growth and deep dependence on God. But, there are things that continue toContinue reading “Disentangling From The Octopus-Part 1 {Faith Life Preservers Day 26}”