Motherhood Memories: You Can’t Hide Yer Lyin’ Eyes (Or Hair Color)

I’m continuing to share some of the posts previously written in the years I was blessed – and sometimes stressed, as I navigated the bumpyroads of motherhood. This looking back and remembering is somehow keeping me during this time following my daughter’s death. How it pains me to write those words. Yet, I continue toContinue reading “Motherhood Memories: You Can’t Hide Yer Lyin’ Eyes (Or Hair Color)”

I’m Fascinated By His Love

  Happy, Sunday Friends.  During this 31 Day Planning with Purpose Series we have been a bit more contemplative, deviating from the normal format in posts on Sundays. Today I want to share something I wrote a while back. May this Sunday refresh you, bring you the reminder of God’s Love and Faithfulness. May youContinue reading “I’m Fascinated By His Love”

Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)

You look, and see with your eyes. But I know One who sees beyond the visible. You listen and hear through your desires, agendas, needs… like a hungry baby without wisdom, only tears and giggles and moments. But I know One who hears my heart cries, knows the inner workings  of my very soul andContinue reading “Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)”

Learning to Love Myself (I Do!)

Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful?  Be loved?  Experience acceptance? I do. Who doesn’t want to look in the mirror, without loathing? Without wrinkles frowning back from the glass, but softness reflecting joy in an easy smile. I do. Who doesn’t want the assurance that though beauty fades, the heart that beats within remains vibrant,Continue reading “Learning to Love Myself (I Do!)”