24 Hours with God in History (Prompt 13)

  Imagine you could choose one time in history to spend with God for one day (24 hours). It’s kind of like God your Father taking you, His kid, to work for the day. Where would you be in the continuum of time? What would you see and do? Are you with Him for Creation?Continue reading “24 Hours with God in History (Prompt 13)”

Fast Food Faith or Feasting with the King?

   Some days I feel like I’ve crammed a whole lot of nothing in and God is just waiting with a plateful of nourishment for my soul… how about you, do you ever feel you’ve been settling for scraps instead of enjoying choice morsals with Your King? It’s really a choice, friends.

Rainy Day Reflections on Hope, Loss and Change

Credit Today I heard the rumbling of thunder and enjoyed the sound of rain. I don’t understand why people get so uptight about rainy days because to me, they are glorious. Rainy days give me a green light to curl up with a good book, steamy cup of tea in my relaxed Thinker’s Pose, as I ponderContinue reading “Rainy Day Reflections on Hope, Loss and Change”

Roadblocks: Pathways to Discovery (Re-Post)

Credit How do you respond when the path you are on is suddenly blocked? What is your first response? Do you shake your fist and holler out “Get out of my way” or “Coming through” and push through anyway? Or are you the kind who stews quietly thinking the words you would never say. MaybeContinue reading “Roadblocks: Pathways to Discovery (Re-Post)”