Giving Thanks Conclusion & Random Musings

Remember that you are en route to heaven, and let your problems fade in the Light of eternity.~Sarah Young in Jesus Calling      Well, here it is the last day of November. Another day crossed off from the calendar of my life.It seems I was just planning all my intentions for the past yearContinue reading “Giving Thanks Conclusion & Random Musings”

Inspiring Women Series Announcement

                                     Did you say “Inspiring Women”?Wow! I can’t wait to spread the news!Tomorrow! Tomorrow? Yes, Tomorrow! Dear Friends, I am excited to announce this next series which I will be launching “officially” tomorrow! I am squirming in myContinue reading “Inspiring Women Series Announcement”

The Three Trees: A Fable about Gratitude

Gandown, Tribec and Stenwed If you do not believe in tall tales, do not read further, for this, dear friend, is one. The three trees stood together, rooted down, secure in the life they shared at the small town’s only park. Each had seen a good number of years, although they expected a good manyContinue reading “The Three Trees: A Fable about Gratitude”

A Year With Jesus: Book Review

The book you want to give AND keep for yourself for the New Year! Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This time of year is such a wonderful time for me. Regardless of what has happened during the year, I start to hunker down and count my blessings as I prepare, with my family, for the season of good willContinue reading “A Year With Jesus: Book Review”