Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway

    Here we are rolling through Write 31 Days, and I am still trying to juggle all the balls in my life at the moment and finding I have been dropping a few. But, maybe that made it easier for you to keep up with me? Ah well, here I am with  5 favoriteContinue reading “Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway”

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Every Day and a Giveaway!

    I’m sitting here at my desk on the eve before my 52nd birthday listening  to the crickets as they chirp, chirp, chirp…the hum of cars occasionally overriding their Summer symphony. I’m struggling for words as I sit here and hope to somehow encapsulate in a blog post my honest to God thoughts about theContinue reading “How To Celebrate Your Birthday Every Day and a Giveaway!”

My 5 Best Tips for Journaling (and Life?) w/Giveaway

A journal and the gift of journaling as a regular activity has the power to empower and transform your life!      I have been thinking about communicating what is most significant in my own writing time to help encourage journaling as a lifestyle. Maybe you journal regularly, maybe you are at the place whereContinue reading “My 5 Best Tips for Journaling (and Life?) w/Giveaway”