Five Fast Journaling Tips and a Giveaway

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Here we are rolling through Write 31 Days, and I am still trying to juggle all the balls in my life at the moment and finding I have been dropping a few. But, maybe that made it easier for you to keep up with me? Ah well, here I am with  5 favorite quick tips  and a giveaway!



How To Celebrate Your Birthday Every Day and a Giveaway!




I’m sitting here at my desk on the eve before my 52nd birthday listening  to the crickets as they chirp, chirp, chirp…the hum of cars occasionally overriding their Summer symphony. I’m struggling for words as I sit here and hope to somehow encapsulate in a blog post my honest to God thoughts about the title I have chosen. I feel like a foreigner, in my own office tonight. Every routine I held dear in the past has been tossed into an irretrievable folder and filed in the archives of my personal history. This year: 2016…the year I  felt led to the word “Revelation“…and am still trying to find answers to questions that are yet to be revealed. More

My 5 Best Tips for Journaling (and Life?) w/Giveaway


A journal and the gift of journaling as a regular activity has the power to empower and transform your life! 



I have been thinking about communicating what is most significant in my own writing time to help encourage journaling as a lifestyle. Maybe you journal regularly, maybe you are at the place where you are reading about journaling more than actually journaling.

Why do we do that? We decide we are  interested in something and long to experience a specific activity in its fullness so, instead of jumping in the pool, we saunter to the edge, dip our big toe in, look longingly at the clear blue water…then turn and go back to our comfy poolside lounge chair!

Wait, what?



Keep Calm and Plan On…



It would only seem reasonable that I had to write a poem about planning… so this tumbled out of me and found it’s way into my journal during the last week of Planner Boot Camp. I dedicate this to all my Planner Peeps!

As we celebrate the end of the 1st Official Planner Boot Camp, I have a drawing for my PBC Graduates for a Planner Goody Pack (Rafflecopter #1) and a separate drawing for a “Keep Calm and Carry On” journal open for ALL (Rafflecopter #2)!

Keep Calm and Plan On…and one more thing…be sure and Journal the Journey! 


Random Journal Day #47 with Featured Journal Keeper Jeannie Pallett (Giveaway)



Welcome to Random Journal Day!

Our Featured Journal Keeper this month is  lovely  author, blogger and Scripture Lover Jeannie Pallett.  I have come to know my Canadian blogging counterpart through this wonderful world of Christian Blogging and fellowship over the past few years. I had the honor to read her book, which is a delightful, intimate, satisfying study and reflection on Psalm 119 in relation to intimacy with the Lord. I think I might have to re-read it along with the TWO lucky readers who will win their own copies! Be sure and enter the Rafflecopter below after linking your post (you don’t have to link a post to enter the giveaway, though!).

Jeannie has a beautiful and unique offering for us this month, as she tells her story from the perspective of one observing and of an inner journey that leads all the way back…home. Let’s travel full circle now, with Jeannie and her journaling journey.


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