When She Loved

Photo Credit When she loved I remember how… crunchy fall leaves and umbrellas brought smiles shoreline walks were free from self consciousness she was beautiful and knew it basking in love and light despite strong will oppositional, yes, but  somewhat yielded  to love giggling, rolling laughter, jumping on beds, tearing through the hall half dressed unashamedContinue reading “When She Loved”

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review

“God doesn’t compare us. Jesus doesn’t compare us. The world we live in compares us, but who are we supposed to follow?”~Nancy Rue This book is written with 7-11 year old girls in mind, and is an encouraging reminder of where young girls (and moms) need to fix there eyes. I shared it with my (beyondContinue reading “The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review”

I Am A Write It Girl!

How many times do I have to tell myself I am a writer, before I believe it? Secretly, I wrote for years. Why was it secret? I’ll tell you why. I held nothing back. I shared my dreams and fears. Everything I could not articulate clearly, I pondered and began to wield the pen. InContinue reading “I Am A Write It Girl!”