Just for Today (A Poem of Thanksgiving)




Today I offer a few words I wrote back in 2011 when I started blogging and sharing my thoughts online. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, going through…may these words be words that edify, and multiply thanksgivings in your soul.



The Gift of Soul Security for Insecure Times (Faith ‘n Friends Post)



Hello, Friends!

Have you ever gathered around a table at the coffee shop with friends and enjoyed a nice cup of something steamy and great conversation? Well I am here to invite you to a new place to gather for some faith-based sharing in the blogosphere called Faith n’ Friends. I am excited and honored to be part of this new team of writers. I am looking forward to connecting with many as we share the journey travelling our unique paths…together!


Simple Woman’s Daybook (What Every Woman Needs)

FOR TODAY~ Well I am linking with The Simple Woman’s Daybook- Here’s a peek into my day…hope you are enjoying your weekend, friends. 
Outside my window…Sunshine and blue skies. Second day in a row. 
I am thinking…how God is sovereign, perfect and full of surprises. Good surprises. That anything that exalts itself against that thought needs to be cut down, cast out and severed. 
I am thankful...that I lived through teaching my Sunday School class. I am always amazed how God graciously provides me with all I need. Even though I needed that extra hour back badly this morning, he supplied grace for all. Thankful for the way he teaches me through every circumstance, situation and every person. He wastes nothing.

In the kitchen…the dirty dishes are calling. I am currently avoiding them It’s the Sabbath, right? 
I am wearing...A hand knit sweater made by my grandmother, who I feel is wrapped around me in love. Also my very favorite comfy jeans. 

I am creating…an altered book, some words on paper in my new journal and a few posts swimming through my head that need to be released via the keypad. 

I am going...to savor the day, pray as I go and appreciate knowing His presence on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
I am wondering...where my phone is. Again. 
I am reading…too many books. But three for review including Transformed by ToughTimes by Steve Reed, Love No Matter What by Brenda Garrison and Reasons for Belief by Norman Geisler. A few others but I really have to stop the multiple book reading at once. My brain is on overload. 
I am hoping…to see God do miracles in those I know, love and come across as He wills. I am hoping to see many answered prayers and mighty acts of wonder in the days ahead. 
I am looking forward to...attending my first Home School Conference this month. Reading and teaching the new curriculum for Sunday School. 
I am learning...that He longs to fill our every waking hour with His presence. 

Around the house...books are everywhere, my Girl and her friend are eating leftover pork fried rice and relaxing quietly, bed is unmade, dishes are dirty, fridge is in need of restocking, and there is a sweet peace permeating it all. 
I am pondering...grace. I could ponder it all day. 

A favorite quote for today…”What’s for you will not pass you”
One of my favorite things...yesterday I got a bangle with the above quote on it…and for some reason, I need these words now, so I am appreciating this Alex & Ani bracelet gift. Every woman needs a little bangly thing once in awhile…for no reason.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Resume schedule- read, write, teach, love, pray, savor every moment. Homeschooling, connecting with new and old friends, attempting to get more fresh air.

A peek into my day…somehow I set my clock to Indiana time. Why that was an option on my Blackberry and how it happened is vague. I had my glasses off and checked the alarm at bedtime. Lo and behold I was waking up to Indiana time instead of Eastern. There’s grace for that, too. Heading to the park with the girls, Hubs will be home soon (hoping he’s cooking!), my Mom and Bella (her poodle)  are off to Florida (just helped her load the car)!

A Picture:

Wakefield, RI

As I said I am joining with the lovelies at A Simple Woman’s Daybook for the very first time…
It’s Stacy’s fault. 😉 

Linking with Barbie as well, because I think this is a fairly encouraging post! 

Seeing Through New Eyes

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There is a time for everything, 

   and a season for every activity under heaven

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Today I want to ask you how is your baby? What baby, you ask? The one that is being formed in you now. I am not talking about a human baby…unless of course you are pregnant now. Then by all means you need to put those feet up and nurture the beauty within, resting in the wonderful season, delighting with the precious soul you are presently birthing. 
I am actually speaking figuratively about that dream within that wants to be birthed. 
Perhaps a shelved dream, derailed goal, thwarted plan or even the need for renewed commitment to the same resolution. Is it the book that needs to be written, a specific career path, a life role that needs more active participation from you? It could be a specific regimen, lifestyle change or volunteer opportunity you know is God’s call. I could go on and on. But really, you know already what is beneath the surface which needs to bear fruit, is rooted, sprouting or in some kind of growth process. 
Now take a look at that cute little baby picture. I find that an irresistible baby, right there. I love babies and children. They really bring me great pleasure, as all is new in them, 
and through their eyes we see some things new again as well! 
Do you have an old dream that needs to be taken down from the shelf, dusted off and looked at with fresh new eyes and inspiration today? 
Why not see it with fresh, new eyes and see if it is time for that baby to be born.

You don’t want to keep that cutie hidden on a shelf forever do you? 
What is your secret or temporarily shelved dream?
What is the God seed planted that longs to burst right out of your heart
Stop beating yourself up if you have failed or derailed
and start visualizing the irresistible outcome of that little seed dream
be it small or great!
He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true. 
Revelation 21:5

The Poet I Know Not

 For the LORD God is a sun and shield; 
   the LORD bestows favor and honor; 
no good thing does he withhold 
   from those whose walk is blameless.
  Psalm 84:11
The Poet I know Not

Words speak to me,
call me,
beckon me,
whisper through my brain
like dreams of
wind through trees.

I’m not sleeping.

These words…
demand my attention,
jar me from reality
streaming through my mind
in phrases…


should I capture these words?

Preserve them on paper
 let them continue
to flow
into my bloodstream
to my heart?

©Dawn Paoletta
Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

Dear Friends, 
I share this poem I wrote as a very troubled teenager, diagnosed with ADHD at a time when it was not common for girls to carry such labels. There are times when I wonder who I would be without this gift. I recognize that writing has not only been my God connection but my saving grace. I took to writing words in early childhood. I recall third grade and the time I wrote my first poem, the way the words and my imagination could finally connect in deliberate fusion quickened my heart. I remember riding the bus home every day, stories forming  in my mind. In class at school I would drift off on a sentence a teacher spoke, as if seeing it fall off of the lips and out into the air. Always trapped in the prisons of schools, yet longing to learn -I so empathize with so many and long to embrace those who have been labeled with names that don’t sound like gifts at all. Names that defeat and oppress creativity, beauty and truth.
Well, there is much more I could say, but let me end with this: 
We are so much more than any label, 
so much more than any diagnosis that would seek to muffle our true spirit,
drown out who God created us to be.
Don’t believe the lies.
God created each one of us good.
For Him.
To glorify Him.
Exactly where we are.
He does not make mistakes and though he is unfathomable.
He IS good.
Be who you are in Him.
Do whatever you do,
for His glory by His grace
He will 
give you the true desires of your heart.

O LORD Almighty, 
   blessed is the man who trusts in you.

Psalm 84:12

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