George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone

My favorite Christmas movie happens to be It’s a Wonderful Life. A few years back I wrote about it, well at least about how I feel such a great kinship with the character George Bailey. Don’t we all relate to George Bailey on some level? I love so much of the subtle underlying messages thatContinue reading “George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone”

George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone (Welcome to My “Wonderful” Life)

Credit I relate to George Bailey. A lot. I mean, who, in all honesty, hasn’t had their share of adversity? Who hasn’t had a plan, plucked out of their hand or watched a dream die a slow, painful death as it drifts further from the shore of possibility? Who hasn’t pondered their own significance orContinue reading “George Bailey Meets the Twilight Zone (Welcome to My “Wonderful” Life)”