Memorial Monday

A week’s worth of life has been lived and here we are on the brink of Summer…so much to be thankful for and then it all seems to pale when we stand back and consider the precious lives of those who have served, fought died and remain for us to live in this current freedom.Continue reading “Memorial Monday”

Sweet, Satisfying Monday {Giveaway Winner}

Hubby pulling the winner out of the jar. Welcome to Monday, here at my hangout in the Blogosphere! Monday’s are the day I randomly share slices of life from the previous week- and miscellaneous musings in general. I like to link up three ways with Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters, Inspire Me Monday @ Create With JoyContinue reading “Sweet, Satisfying Monday {Giveaway Winner}”

Miscellaneous, Inspiring, Multitudinous Monday

Ashley does not appreciate extreme close- ups.See her giving me the evil eye?This was the last shot. Trying something new in the sense of organizing my busy Monday post! Let me know what you think! Special guest Kitty appearances today by Ashley and Aurora! Miscellaneous with Carissa: Excited to be taking part in Rene Swopes Study! AreContinue reading “Miscellaneous, Inspiring, Multitudinous Monday”

When You Least Expect It: Watch Out!

Photo Credit There I stood. Working my shift at the bank. I had just returned from checking on Sheila who was sitting at the Drive Through window.They burst through the door like two cannonballs fired abruptly. I froze solid.My breath was somewhere between my chest and the back of my throat. I gasped and theyContinue reading “When You Least Expect It: Watch Out!”