Santa for President!

      Santa may never be late, but I am! So off we go for the weekend…er, um and beyond post! No matter how you feel about Santa Clause he is pretty unavoidable is some shape or form. I never really remember much about Santa growing up, and as a  mom felt uncomfortable simultaneouslyContinue reading “Santa for President!”

Why, Enthusiastically, Dawn?

Sometimes I really do amuse myself. It is usually during these times, I simultaneously embarrass my daughter but, hey, that’s what mothers are for. I remind my 13-year-old that it could be worse. Much worse. At least she isn’t in the local Drugstore with me three aisles over yelling, “Pooh, Pooh, where are you?” No,Continue reading “Why, Enthusiastically, Dawn?”

Post Christmas Video Attempt and Why I Am Not a Public Speaker

12/27/13-update: I am working on the video if you are unable to see or hear it! Sorry for the inconvenience, I am really still learning all these gadgets!                                                       Continue reading “Post Christmas Video Attempt and Why I Am Not a Public Speaker”