Join Me for Java and Fireside Chat?

Credit Here it is the Monday before Thanksgiving and all is calm, all is bright. Oh, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? It has been awhile since I shared a Miscellany Monday Post but I really was hoping you and I could have a cozy chat, like old times. Oh, and if youContinue reading “Join Me for Java and Fireside Chat?”

31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)

Credit Congrats to all of you who have made it through 31 Days of Fitting in Fitness! Congratulations, also, to all of my Blogging friends who have made it through the Nester’s #31Days! Thanks to the Nester for hosting this great challenge. Our 31 Day Challenge is over today. I have been pondering our nextContinue reading “31 Day Challenge Ends (Fresh Start for November- Invite!)”

Fitting In Healthy Eating: Guest Post by Nancy Parlette, M.S. (Inspiring Women Series)

Credit          I am honored to have Nutrition Educator Nancy Parlette bless us today with some basic nutritional information to help guide our food choices. I appreciate Nancy’s balanced and realistic approach to healthy eating. I also want to extend a hearty thank you to Toni from Lakeside Lessons for connecting us! PleaseContinue reading “Fitting In Healthy Eating: Guest Post by Nancy Parlette, M.S. (Inspiring Women Series)”

Confessions from the Couch (and Your Upcoming Week)

Credit Well, my Dahlings, look how far we have come together! We are going into Week 4 of our Fitting in Fitness Challenge and let me tell you, I am feeling my inner child continue to rebel. I have to tell the truth, I skipped yesterday, because I knew today was off and I figuredContinue reading “Confessions from the Couch (and Your Upcoming Week)”