8 Tips for Healthy Living by Nancy Parlette, M.S.

Nutrition Educator and Health Coach Nancy Parlette, M.S.   is joining us for a second visit to share a wonderful resource she has available on her website Healthy Living Strategies. I am in such agreement with her  Eight  Key Components of Health listed, I asked if we could share them here, for our Fitting in FitnessContinue reading “8 Tips for Healthy Living by Nancy Parlette, M.S.”

5 Ways to to Fail at Fitness

Credit I know you are thinking to yourself, what a post title. I don’t want to fail, I want to succeed at fitting fitness into my life. Well, then listen up. I have been around travelling the “fitness circuit” for over thirty years. You could say I have been on the exercise treadmill, a veryContinue reading “5 Ways to to Fail at Fitness”

A Peek Into My Past Life-Fitting in Fitness (RJD Link)

Once a month here at Beneath the Surface: Breath of Faith we share our real life journals as part of something called Random Journal Day. The Link goes live at 12 AM, the first Friday of each and every month. You can add your own post anytime over the next weekend – and I usuallyContinue reading “A Peek Into My Past Life-Fitting in Fitness (RJD Link)”