Standing Up To The Bathroom Bully

The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.(Psalm 45:11) How is it that we who are chosen, precious, and beautiful in His sight would be so swayed by this measuring tool? By a number that cannot reflect but a measure, limited, inaccurate, finite- unable to define the essence ofContinue reading “Standing Up To The Bathroom Bully”

Fitting In Fitness in Fall {Fitness For The Fainthearted}

Today I am over at my other Blog and getting ready to share  some fitness motivation, inspiration and answers to  YOUR  questions this coming month!  I am getting back into my work schedule  (and finding my own fitness groove again- slowly!)  and looking forward to writing more over there-  so I hope you will joinContinue reading “Fitting In Fitness in Fall {Fitness For The Fainthearted}”